• Tuesday, October 03, 2023
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How to increase the revenue of your small business in Nigeria by using Cash-in App

How to increase the revenue of your small business in Nigeria by using Cash-in App

The primary goals of any business are to make money and to be profitable.

Business is about revenue generation, so the goal of most business leaders is to constantly increase the sources of revenue for their business.
One way to increase your revenue collection as a business is by offering your customers and potential customers alternative methods of paying you. This creates the likelihood for more potential customers to make purchases from you with the level of ease they prefer. You have to admit that ease often informs customer’s choices.

When you accept multiple payment methods, you are validating the customer’s preferences and incentivizing them to pay with what they have. But you should do this in such a way that does not inconvenience your business or put it at risk.

The need to validate your customer’s preferences by offering multiple payment options is because while some people are most comfortable paying with cash when making a purchase, some others are more comfortable with paying by bank transfer, or by crypto, or by E-Naira, or by other means (which you need to find out so that you can provide it for them).

As the adoption of crypto in Nigeria is growing at a rapid pace, it is wise as a business owner to start accepting crypto payments from customers who wish to pay with crypto. But it is understandable if as a Nigerian business you want Naira and not crypto. So, the wise solution to this would be to receive crypto payments from your customers and then convert same crypto into naira instantly. Better still, you can automate the process of converting the crypto into naira so that you can focus more on continuing to sell and manage your business. Cash-in App is the kind of solution you need for this.

Cash-in App is an automated crypto-to-naira app that automatically pays out to a user’s bank account naira equivalent when crypto is detected in the user’s Cash-in address.
With Cash-in, when your customer pays you with crypto, you will get the naira equivalent sent to your local bank account instantly.

Here is the simple 3-step process for using Cash-in App to receive crypto payments and get the same in naira instantly:
1. Share your Cash-in address with your customers to receive crypto payments.
2. Once the crypto is detected in your wallet, it is automatically converted into naira and sent to your local bank account instantly.
3. Confirm receipt in your mobile banking app.

Cash-in App is so easy to use, secure, and uses the best parallel market rates to convert crypto into naira. It also enables you to receive payments directly from Binance or Trust Wallet, and internationally through Transak.

Start your seamless Cash-in App experience today by downloading the app from Play Store or Apple Store.
For more information, please check the official website or Medium, or send an email to info@cash-in.app