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How to discover your ideal job in Dubai


Truth be told, Dubai is one of the best places for expatriates but to get a well-paying and befitting job in the city you need to first market yourself properly which includes tweaking your resume to UAE standards and knowing what is obtainable for foreigners looking to work at Dubai.

These days we see people leaving highly developed cities and an impressive life to work in Dubai and possibly begin a new life there and the reason is not far-fetched. Dubai is an influential city with a highly vibrant commerce driven environment. The opportunities abound in Dubai because of the caliber of people in the city. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a whole has a high number of elites in their society. It’s a society of politicians, Royal Family members and wealthy business owners; hence its cosmopolitan nature makes it an amazing place for individuals who want to work at Dubai and foreigners looking at advancing their careers. In recent times, the city has been identified as the most attractive city for international job seekers.

You can get amazing job offers from recruiters but the question is, ‘how easy is it to get access to these recruiters?’ This is where WorkatDubai comes in.

WorkatDubai is helping to bridge the gap between semi to highly skilled individuals in Africa and job opportunities in Dubai by helping job seekers go through the formerly odious task of getting through to the companies that need the skills they have and book for a remote interview. This allows individuals save time and money in an effort to advance their careers.

WorkatDubai eliminates the gamble people take when they fly to Dubai just for the purpose of taking interviews only to end up wasting time and money. WorkatDubai has all the access and the skills to help job seekers negotiate a better deal from the companies that need their services

One of the primary services includes the reviewing and revamping of resume to the UAE standard. Your resume is often the first impression a potential employer has of you; this is why it is one of the most crucial steps taken during a job search. There is an entire HR team dedicated to this cause because every application is taken seriously.

Individuals are prepped up for interviews as well as sharing tips that will make you stand out amongst other candidates .

This is not limited to skilled professionals, blue collar jobs can be gotten too. Upon finding a job that suits your brief, a befitting and well-deserved salary is negotiated with your employers on your behalf and benefits packages such as Health insurance, retirement plans, paid vacation and other bonuses is put on the front burner. With Work at Dubai, it is a priority that companies pay you according to your worth and in par with the industry standards.

In all, Dubai remains a hotspot for jobs and people who are looking for a cool place to spend their holidays.Visit www.workatdubai to get more information.


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