• Monday, December 11, 2023
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How The Founder of Indexsy, Jacky Chou, Thought His Way To Success

How The Founder of Indexsy, Jacky Chou, Thought His Way To Sucess

How do you define success? It is such an important question that we all ask ourselves. In the digital marketing realm, success can mean different things to different companies, and it’s vital to establish a set of success criteria.

Most businesses use digital marketing to improve a website, social profile, online campaign; you name it. While this method is critical for any digital strategy, successful digital marketing should not be defined solely by these factors.

In truth, digital marketing can help a company improve various aspects of its overall goals. However, your concept of success should be specific to your company, just as your digital activities should be specific to your needs and resources.

As such, if you’re looking for ways to expand your business online, Jacky Chou is your man. His knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, and internet branding puts him miles ahead of the competition. He can also help you with your business plan and get your company on Google’s first page.

Who is Jack Chou?

Jack is the founder of Indexsy, which specializes in digital marketing, boosting organic traffic using SEO and unorthodox marketing tactics. He is also the founder of Far & Away and Laurel & Wolf. His marketing career started with a quick Google search, learning about principles of digital marketing from online resources.

He then relocated to Berlin for an internship with mobile marketing business. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming marketing director in two years. He started to create his enterprises at this time, and when one of his dropshipping services took off and began to make $250k per month, he decided to go it alone.

Jacky Chou is now aggressively expanding Far & Away, a direct-to-consumer homeware firm that has garnered approximately €70,000 in Kickstarter investment and €150,000 in angel funding. Moreover, his parent firm, Indexsy, has profitably bought and sold various digital assets. The company owns and manages more than 50 assets now but is best known for the acquisition and management of Laurel & Wolf and TowingLess.

Success requires hard work.

Being a successful digital marketer is not easy, and Jacky has known that well ever since university. He created an online store during university to escape the dullness of his electrical engineering degree.

He used the dropshipping business concept to sell men’s clothes and watches. This strategy provided him with a low-cost, low-risk option to run his business by allowing him to sell things online without keeping any inventory.

Fast forward, not only is he an SEO expert now, but he also has access to an extensive network of intelligent marketing professionals who can help you with any digital marketing issue you may have.

Some people may be put off by Jacky’s dual concentration on his career and business. Still, when you think of successful entrepreneurs and business people who could build and run many multibillion-dollar companies, you will understand why. Jacky is certainly heading that way.