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How do you get 10k followers on Instagram?

According to Stormlikes Review, you can get a lot of Instagram followers if you buy Instagram likes or buy Instagram views for your Instagram posts. While that might be true to some extent, you still need to execute other strategies to get more loyal Instagram followers.

The whole idea of building your Instagram account is to accumulate followers who will become part of your loyal fan base. You need to produce content they will want to see every day. That is how you grow your Instagram account with followers who will trust your opinion and share your posts.

So, what is the magic number of followers that you should aim to achieve? Most people will tell you that attaining 1,000 followers is a worthy goal because that is when you officially become a micro-influencer.

However, you will barely make any money as an influencer with only 1,000 followers. You need to set your goal a bit higher and aim for 10,000 followers instead. When you have 10,000 followers, you officially become an authority in your given niche. People will start to trust you more because they see that so many other people believe in you.

There are many strategies and techniques for getting to 10,000 followers. Would you like to know what they are? Good, because we’re going to dive into that right now.

Let’s examine the top seven ways to get to 10,000 followers on Instagram.

1) Follow Popular People on Instagram

If you follow a popular person on Instagram with a channel in your niche, they will probably follow you back. Then you can keep an eye on their latest posts and make comments in them. When their followers see your comments, they can tap your username to connect to your Instagram channel. If they like the content on your channel, these users will follow you too.

Before you follow somebody, make sure they are not following a lot of other people themselves. For example, if an Instagram user follows 20,000 other people and has 10,000 followers themselves, then stay away from them. The user has probably agreed to follow these people in exchange for getting followed by them. That makes them low-quality followers.

You’ll want to follow Instagram users with over 10,000 followers but who follow less than 1,000 other people. The former must be a significantly higher number than the latter.

2) Purchase Followers

The quickest way to accumulate followers is to buy Instagram followers. Some vendors will sell anywhere from 100 followers to over 10,000 followers. The best way to approach this is to buy a smaller number of followers per order. That way, the additional followers you receive to your Instagram account will seem more natural.

As you increase the follower count, other Instagram users will have an easier time discovering your channel and its content. If they see you have a lot of followers, then it will give them an incentive to follow you as well. People trust Instagram channels with a higher number of followers. It usually means the person posts high-quality content.

3) Create a Brand

Your Instagram channel needs to be about something in particular. You can’t just post random pictures of different things, such as food, automobiles, and dogs. People won’t know what your channel is all about if you do that. It is better to stick to one theme or niche because that is how you grow an Instagram channel with a loyal base of followers.

Take a look at some of the most popular Instagram influencers and study their niches carefully. Think about which niche attracts you the most. Then try to create similar content but in a unique way. If your content is good enough, people will find you and share your posts with their friends.

4) Don’t Be a Salesperson

You probably want to make money with your Instagram account. That is the whole point of getting to 10,000 followers in the first place, right?

Just make sure you don’t act like a salesperson. Your content should give value, education, or entertainment to your followers. But if all your doing is posting up sales advertisements and pushing people to purchase different products or services, then your followers won’t stick around for very long.

It is okay to recommend a product or service occasionally but do so in a non-aggressive manner. Continue to make the content valuable and incorporate a referral link or recommendation in your post’s description.

5) Publish Your Posts at the Right Times

Use Instagram Analytics to study the different times of the day when your posts get viewed the most. It will give you a good sense of when you should post your newest content. If you choose a popular time of the day, then your new posts will get views immediately.

Also, study the type of content that you created in those popular posts. Try to create the same kind of content again so that you can attract the same audience and get the same positive response.

6) Create a Blog Website

A blog website is a great way to refer your viewers to your Instagram channel and vice versa. Just create a blog website that falls within the same niche as your Instagram channel. If the content is similar, then it will be easy for each platform to promote the content on the other platform.

Think about how much money you will save in your marketing budget too. For instance, if you run PPC ads to promote your blog website, then you would essentially be promoting your Instagram channel also. All you need to do is create graphical links to your Instagram channel throughout your blog website. You could even include hyperlinks to your Instagram channel in your blog posts too.

7) Create YouTube Videos

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the world. It is another platform that can promote your Instagram channel if you utilize it correctly. Create a YouTube channel that is similar to the niche of your Instagram channel. Then produce high-quality video content for your YouTube channel and include a link to your Instagram channel in the description of each video that you upload.


If you practice the six strategies that are mentioned in the list above, there is no reason why you cannot accumulate 10,000 followers in less than three months. You simply have to be determined to achieve this number without giving up or taking any time off.

That is where most people fail because they become impatient and expect immediate results. Building up your first 10,000 followers needs to be a gradual process. As you continue to build more followers, your follower count will continue to increase faster than it did before.

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