• Friday, December 01, 2023
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From adulting to adorable: Kiakia Africa’s co-founder who became a child

From adulting to adorable: Kiakia Africa’s co-founder who became a child

In a world burdened by adult responsibilities, one visionary finds solace in embracing his inner child

In a remarkable twist that challenges societal norms, 23 year-old startup co-founder of Kiakia Africa has embarked on a journey that transcends age and defies expectations. In a bold move motivated by the harsh reality of Entrepreneurship and struggles of raising venture capital, he has made a profound decision – to identify as a 3year old founder.

For years, the weight of adulthood has suffocated the dreams and ambitions of countless individuals, leaving them trapped in a cycle of responsibility and burden. But our courageous protagonist has chosen a path, less traveled, daring to seek liberation from the shackles of conventional thinking.

Speaking with Kiakia’s Co-founder & CEO, Philip’s Adepoju, he claims the harsh economic landscape has been unkind, casting shadows of uncertainty on the hopes and aspirations of entrepreneurs. However, he believes his unyielding spirit and creative vision have birthed a solution that holds the promise of not only transforming his own life but also revolutionizing the last mile delivery industry as a whole.

By embracing the identity of a 3yr old co-founder, he hopes to escape the crushing weight of adulthood and rediscover the boundless innocence and untapped potential that resides within each of us. This audacious move is driven by the belief that by shedding the confines of his actual age, he can unlock a wellspring of creativity and propel Kiakia to expedited growth.

Kiakia, an innovative last-mile delivery startup company co-founded by CTO, Adewale Sulaiman, embodies the very essence of its founder’s courageous spirit. Just as a child’s curiosity knows no bounds, Kiakia seeks to connect individuals, businesses and institutions with nearby vetted delivery agents of all vehicle sizes leveraging on technological advancements.

Having launched in October 2022 and completing over 100,000 successful deliveries within Lagos state, Kiakia pose advertently to redefining the last mile delivery infrastructural deficit in the industry through it’s array of technological products like the Kiakia Magic App which connects individuals and Businesses with nearby vetted local delivery agents.

And more also, its Fleet Management platform for small and medium scale delivery fleet owners likewise not exempting delivery agents working on their own schedule to earn a living delivering parcels with the Kiakia Pilot platform and moreover it’s APIs & Web Plugins.

But it’s not merely about convenience and efficiency; it’s about rekindling the joy and wonder that lies dormant within us. Through Kiakia, our founder hopes to infuse the last-mile delivery process with a touch of magic, transforming what was once mundane into a delightful experience filled with transparency, anticipation and delightfulness.

His visionary decision to identify as a 3yr old founder is not a whimsical act; it is a profound statement about the power of reimagining ourselves and our place in the world. It challenges societal norms that confine us to predefined roles, urging us to break free and forge our own paths, no matter how unconventional they may seem.

Kiakia Africa

In a world desperately in need of fresh perspectives and bold ideas, Philip’s decision ignites a spark of hope. It challenges us to question the boundaries we’ve placed upon ourselves, encouraging us to tap into the reservoir of creativity that lies within each and every one of us.

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So, as we embark on this remarkable journey with the 3year-old founder of Kiakia, let us suspend judgment and embrace the power of vivid imagination. Let us celebrate the audacity to dream, to redefine our identities, and to reshape the world around us.

For in the innocence of a child lies the potential to change the course of history. And in the audacious pursuit of a dream, lies the birth of a revolution.

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