Fostering ethics and integrity while promoting professionalism

Engr. Stella Okene, PhD, is a Petroleum Engineer, a graduate of University of Port Harcourt and an inexorable business entrepreneur. She is the astute and exceptional Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Stelog Energy Group of Companies, that comprises of Stelog Limited, Stelog Gas Company Limited, and Stelog Exploration and Production Company.

Okene also sits on the board of several companies such as Stelog Kenya, SSNERGLLC Houston Texas, SteRov Consortium. She is also versatile investor in property developments.
Engr. Okene is a professional member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Women in Energy Network (WIEN), National Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE), Association of Petroleum Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN), Nigerian Gas Association (NGA), WeConnect International and Women in Business (WIMBIZ). She holds an honorary doctorate degree in Business Administration from the Commonwealth University of Belize. She is a recipient of several honorary awards such as the Distinguished Nigerian Women of Merit Award (TDNWMA 2005) and Great African Merit Award (GAMA 2005); Ghana Outstanding 2008 Great African Patriotic Achievers Gold Award; African Women Nation Builders Award 2006; African Leader Par Excellence Award 2009.
Okene fervidly devotes her time, energy and resources in promoting gender equality as well as encouraging women entrepreneurship and leadership skills. She indubitably thrives on the ethos of diligence and excellence in her sphere of influence. A humble super achiever who believes in personal development. She is an embodiment of resilience and uprightness.

Greatest Passion
The greatest passion that has brought me this far is my love for what I do.
“What men can do; women can do better”.

In your candid opinion, can you say women are doing enough as compared to their male-counterparts in the Oil and Gas sector?
I believe strongly that women can do better if given the right opportunity. I am glad to say that the awareness is created among the women folk to ensure that their voices are heard and even if the opportunity is not created for them, women are taking bold steps to create opportunities for themselves. We all can do our best in whatever we do irrespective of the gender if given equal opportunity. I would strongly state that women should be given equal opportunities as men. Statistics shows that companies that have more diversity of women tend to do better than other companies. Young girls should be encouraged to be in STEM. For instance, COVID showed that countries that had women as leaders outperformed other countries.

Women are known for seeking ways to educate, empower and contribute to the society; can you say that the women folk are performing up to expectation in Nigeria?
I believe that women are doing their best and there is still room for a lot of improvement.

There has been an increase in the rate of rape and sexual abuse on the girl child; do you think social media has been a negative influence to the society especially on the female gender?
It depends on the focus. Young girls should be educated on the implications of social media so that they can see the right from the wrong. It depends on the awareness you are creating about social media and how it is used. It has its good sides and bad sides. They should be educated on the benefits of social media and stirred away from the harmful content.

As a career woman, how are you able to managed your home and office as well as other responsibilities and still maintained a successful career?
Work-Life Integration. Proper planning to make sure that everything is taken care of within stipulated time. It can be overwhelming but plan and carry out accordingly. There should be proper integration to get things done.

What is your projection for Stelog Energy in the area of portfolio expansions?
To see Stelog Energy Group in the 1% or less than 1% club in the next 5 years. Expanding beyond Africa and across the globe.

What message do you have for Nigerian women industry as they observe this year International Women’s Day?
Pursue what you are passionate about. Be resilient. Be very focused – Focus on where you are going. Pursue your dreams because there is nothing you cannot achieve if you are focused and passionate about it.

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