Flowmono: Africa’s first eSignature and on-demand workflow automation software boosts workflow efficiency and productivity

Obtaining signed paperwork in the manual procedure could take up to 5 days or more. Compare that to the time it takes to get an electronic signature document, which is usually less than 30 minutes.

E-signature technology reduces document scanning errors by 80%. Businesses saw a 70 percent to 80 percent boost in workplace efficiency when they replaced manual processes with digital solutions. Flowmono promises all the above and more.

The document management software for African businesses

Flowmono makes contract and agreement processes easier. Individuals and freelancers, small and medium enterprises, and major corporations looking to reduce paperwork and move to a paperless process can benefit from the solution.

According to an Onespan report, financial institutions that implemented electronic signatures saw a 92% reduction in scanning errors and missing files by 66%.
To reinforce the confidence and safety of users’ data, Flowmono uses encryption technology to protect user data.

The on-demand business process-as-a service platform built by Africans for Africans.

One of the major lessons from the pandemic era is that business process configuration is a key requirement for ensuring business continuity.
In the current African business landscape, business owners express their frustrations over the rising rate of developer attritions and the shortage of developers that can help them design and develop business process automation. Most of the available process management solutions are built around an expensive budget, complex architecture, and take time to implement.

Flowmono was built to offer simple, fast, and non-technical process configuration tools. It is the first of its kind in Africa.

Flowmono is like an app store or play store but for on-demand and instant business process automation as a service that is helping businesses and organizations activate (switch on) processes that help them run their business functions (e.g., finance, human resources, procurement, customer service, etc.) in a few clicks in less than 24 hours, anytime, and anywhere.
Flowmono was built by Africans in Africa, and this translates to being able to offer industry-specific, function-specific, and client-specific customizations.

Flowmono will offer three (3) different subscription models (Individual, MSMEs, and Enterprise).

Driving digital transformation for over 40 million micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and 5,000 large corporates in Nigeria and other parts of Africa

With Flowmono, over 40 million SMEs and 5,000 large corporates in Nigeria and other parts of Africa can easily access an array of business operations and turn then configure them in less than 24 hours and with little technical expertise.

Organizations can digitally configure their processes including customer and vendor management, human resources management, sales, inventory, and invoicing operations; and businesses would only have to pay for services they use.

Speaking about Flowmono, Babatola Awe, Co-founder and CTO said, “So far, we have built bespoke Contract Management Systems (CMS) for some Pan African organizations and intend to replicate this success for more businesses. We have released the freemium version which allows users to upload and sign documents.

In the coming weeks, the platform would include more use cases such as HR processes (leave requests, employment contracts, etc.), finance processes (invoice approvals and signing, etc.), vendor management, contract management, and a host of other business activities. Our vision is to help 1,000,000 Small, Medium, and large organizations become digitally transformed, more efficient, future-proof, and eco-friendly.

In our aim to drive environmental sustainability we aim to help one million, become paperless organizations by 2030. We want to enable businesses to manage their processes 100% in the Cloud and bridge the gap between people and processes within the same enterprise”.

We believe that Flowmono will help our clients to reclaim their productive time. Akintayo Okekunle, Co-founder and CFO, stated.

“Flowmono will help preserve institutional memory for organizations with its end-to-end process management solutions. Its pricing will be about 80% less than most process management software out there.

This means that both large, medium, and small businesses can tap into this transformative platform, giving room for product improvement, scalability, and competitiveness.

Flowmono is powered by Revent Technologies.

Revent Technologies has expertise in Software Engineering, Digital Banking Solutions, Product Design, Technology Advisory, Outsourcing, and Managed Service, Process Re-engineering and Automation, IoT & Cloud Solutions, Analytics & Cloud Solutions, and Training.

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