Five reasons why you need to invest in Real Estate.

If you’re looking for a solid investment that will provide you with both income and growth potential, you should consider investing in real estate. Here are five reasons why the Facibus team believes that real estate is a wise investment:

1. Real estate is a tangible asset: Unlike stocks and bonds, which are susceptible to fluctuations in the market, real estate is a physical asset that you can see and touch. This makes it a more stable investment.

2. Real estate offers a high rate of return: Research has shown that you stand a chance of earning over 70% in profits when you invest in real estate. You can earn a higher return on your investment than you would from other investments, like stocks and bonds.

3. Real estate is a long-term investment: Unlike some investments, which can be cashed in quickly, real estate is a long-term investment that will appreciate over time. This appreciation implies safety in the future.

4. Real estate is a leveraged investment: When you invest in real estate, you can use leverage to increase your return on investment. Leverage is the use of borrowed money to increase your investment and real estate gives you the investment credibility to source for leverage.

5. Real estate is an evergreen investment: Unlike some investments, which are subject to market cycles, real estate is an evergreen investment that will always be in demand.

Thankfully, without our off-plan 0-6 months payment scheme at Facibus, you can pay for your home in installments.

This not only gives you a home guarantee, but it also helps you pay conveniently. Our houses are located in some of the safest areas at Ikota G.R.A Lekki phase 2, Lagos, Nigeria. They have some of the finest finishings and luxury interiors. We promise a serene and peaceful living experience.

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