• Saturday, December 02, 2023
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Euracare Elevates Patient Experience and advances healthcare accessibility Beyond Borders with Innovative Payment Solution

Euracare Elevates Patient Experience and advances healthcare accessibility Beyond Borders with Innovative Payment Solution

Euracare Muti-Specialist Hospital, a leading healthcare provider in Lagos, Nigeria, has proudly unveiled an innovative payment solution in collaboration with Paystack, a trusted name in online payment processing. This payment gateway is meticulously designed to enable a seamless and safe payment experience from anywhere in the world by patients and their families, marking a significant stride towards enhancing accessibility and efficiency in healthcare services.

In the past, cross-border payments in Africa have grappled with persistent challenges. The high costs associated with remittances across the continent, the diverse array of currencies and their fluctuating exchange rates, regulatory hurdles, and security concerns, encompassing cyber threats and fraud have been major bottlenecks.

Paystack’s proven reliability and efficiency in online transactions align perfectly with Euracare Hospital’s dedication to providing high-quality healthcare solutions. One of the first payment gateways in Nigeria, Paystack was acquired by Stripe in 2020 and is the fastest, simplest way to start accepting online payments in Nigeria, with the highest transaction success rates in the market and advanced fraud detection.

Paystack supports multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) as well as Apple Pay, in Naira or USD. This comprehensive system ensures the utmost convenience for the hospital’s diverse clientele. Patients and their relatives, employers or insurance companies can effortlessly access these payment options from anywhere in the world, streamlining the payment process for medical services at Euracare.

Mr. Pieter Slabberts, Managing Director for Euracare Nigeria, emphasized, “We firmly believe that healthcare should be within reach of all, regardless of their location. Our new payment solution underscores our dedication to enhancing the patient experience and extending our care to those beyond our immediate reach. We are excited to offer this invaluable tool to our patients and their families”. This innovative payment solution offers a wide array of benefits to Euracare’s diverse patient community.

It simplifies the payment process for international patients, allowing them to easily pay deposits or settle their medical bills using international cards, thereby eliminating payment obstacles. Additionally, on-site local, expatriates, and international patients at Euracare find relief as this solution streamlines their payment experience, ensuring they can prioritize their healthcare without payment-related concerns.

Furthermore, for patients’ relatives residing in other Nigerian cities or abroad, contributing to their loved one’s medical expenses has become a hassle-free endeavour, fostering unity and support during challenging times.

Euracare’s commitment to providing world-class healthcare is evident in this innovative payment solution. By streamlining the payment process for local and international patients and facilitating contributions from individuals in the diaspora or other Nigerian cities towards their relatives’ medical expenses, Euracare is making quality healthcare more accessible and inclusive.

The hospital is not only revolutionizing payments by eliminating barriers for patients, but also redefining the patient experience with a clear mission of ensuring quality healthcare for all, regardless of location or financial means. This demonstrates Euracare’s dedication to delivering compassionate care beyond borders and its unwavering pursuit of excellence, ensuring that every patient’s journey is marked by accessibility, convenience, and above all, exceptional healthcare.