Enlumi Data Launches Insiight to Accelerate Growth & Transform Traditional Market Research for Businesses in Africa

...No more trial and error. Build and launch your products with confidence.

Lagos, Nigeria, March 28 — Enlumi Data today announced the launch of Insiight, an easy-to-use consumer-research solution that helps businesses to test product ideas in minutes, and get high-quality insights from real users. In 5 minutes or less, product managers, founders, brand managers and anyone in need of real insights from vetted consumers can set up smart surveys and get responses from the moment they are launched.

Hefty business losses can be prevented when founders and key business personnel have a fail-safe way of validating their product ideas before actually developing them. In addition to saving money on costly initiatives, Insiight gives instant and powerful data visualization to users from the comfort of a dashboard that is highly interactive and easy to navigate.

The launch of Insiight comes on the heels of major milestones achieved by the company. At the end of 2021 Enlumi Data was selected to participate in the Newchip Accelerator program. Its Cashback and Rewards app, Lumi Rewards, hit the 100,000-user landmark in February 2022, after just 1 year in operation.

Lumi Rewards, is a cashback app that enables anyone to earn cashback each time they shop or make a payment for something they need. From airtime, data and electricity units to different cable subscriptions, users can take care of everyday needs and save money in the process.

With Insiight’s powerful features, founders, product managers and others can save themselves time, as well as the cost of trial and error while working on ideas or products.

As Wale Adeniji, Enlumi Data’s CEO and Co-founder put it, “Businesses need an iteration mindset. They must constantly iterate on their product, their marketing, how they bring value to their clients and generally be more innovative with all parts of their business.”

“Our goal is to provide the premier consumer insights engine in Africa and for Insiight to be the first brand people think of when they need data about African consumers or want to know whether a product or service idea is going to land with an audience in this market,” he added.

About Enlumi Data

Enlumi Data was co-founded in December 2020 by Olawale Adeniji, Kayode Adeniji, Lamin Ceesay, Amie Jack, Seye Adekanye and Lanwo Ayotunde to provide Africa-focused businesses with a means to improve their growth and retention as well as access quality consumer insights for better business outcomes. Enlumi Data is the fastest growing rewards and consumer insights provider with its suite of user-centric services which include Lumi Rewards and Insiight.

As of today, the Insiight platform has powered businesses with insights from over 130,000 Nigerians (primarily millennials and Gen Z). While in beta over 10 businesses used Insiight to validate their business models, test product concepts, discover pain points and generate high value leads. It is a preferred consumer intelligence brand for its simplicity, efficiency and powerful insight capabilities.

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