• Sunday, March 03, 2024
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Digitally strategic leaders are a prerequisite for success – UK firm by Dr Razaq Owolabi

Unlocking Nigerian potential: Leading transformation for unbeatable organisational success

Director of Special Projects, TEXEM UK, Caroline Lucas, says that only digitally strategic leaders will be able to thrive in the face of constant advancement in global technology.

Speaking on the forthcoming leadership development programme of TEXEM, Lucas said that in the ever-evolving digital age landscape, the need for strategic leadership has become more critical than ever.

In a statement on TEXEM’s website, www.texem.co.uk, she said the programme ” Strategic Leadership For Success In A Digital Age” will take place from Aug. 21 to Aug. 24, at the prestigious Double Tree by Hilton, London Elstree.

“The relentless pace of technological advancements and the constant influx of information demands a new breed of leaders who can navigate the complexities of the digital era.

“To thrive in this digital age, strategic leadership is not just an option; it is an absolute necessity,” it asserted.

According to the statement, the programme offers an exclusive opportunity for executive directors, non-executive directors, CEOs, chief investment officers, COOs and top managers to unlock the full potential of strategic leadership.

It affirmed that the programme will also drive their organisations to success in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The TEXEM UK statement noted that staying ahead in the digital age “requires more than just an understanding of cutting-edge technology; it requires strategic leaders who are visionary, empathic, adept in managing complexity and agile”.

It added that the programme empowers participants with the requisite skills and knowledge to become exceptional leaders who can drive their organisations to unparalleled success.

The programme will offer actionable insights that will help leaders harness the opportunities that the government’s proposed policy of creating one million digital jobs.

Another key highlight of the programme is the involvement of eminent and notable experts, each renowned in their respective fields.

“Participants will build their social capital via enduring relationships with other participants. Another benefit of participating is that leaders will enhance their digital credentials for better decisions. During the TEXEM programme, leaders will challenge assumptions and gain fresh insights into leading effectively in a fast-paced and increasingly complex world”.

The faculty on the TEXEM programme includes Prof. John Peters, a former chair of the Association of MBAs that accredits Harvard, Standford and London Business School. He brings unparalleled strategic acumen from his experience as a Royal Air Force soldier and prisoner of war.

There is also London Business School alumnus Prof. Paul Griffith, the world’s first Professor of Management to lead a team to launch a rocket into space, offering unique insights into leadership and innovation in volatile times.

Oxford alumnus Professor Roger Delves, who was a global board director at the age of thirty and consistently helped organisations to win, is also a faculty.

Sir James Duddridge, a Member of the UK Parliament and former Minister who has served under the cabinet of three Prime ministers with a wealth of experience in strategic decision-making, will also speak.

These illustrious faculty will leverage TEXEM’s methodology and deploy diverse learning tools, including discussions, role-play, presentations, company visits, short videos, and games, to foster a rich and immersive learning experience.

“Our methodology, which involves case studies and tested approaches, will enhance your cognitive skills, analytical rigour, and decision-making capabilities.

“Moreover, it will strengthen your interpersonal skills, stakeholder engagement credentials, communication prowess, leadership quotient, and team spirit,” the statement announced.

Rt Hon James Duddridge, Former Minister for Africa, stated that “providing leadership in politics and business has become progressively more difficult. There is no news cycle; there is a constant and immediate flow of information with low barriers to access. Any fool can get online, and they do. The digital age is a great opportunity, but there are also risks. A thriving political career or business can be killed in a tweet or even a retweet. Business and political leaders need to understand that all their utterances can be sent worldwide with a click of a mouse.

Leaders need to be consistent in communications; this is widely understood. What is less well understood is the need for safe spaces to develop ideas, test concepts, and challenge conventional wisdom away from the glare of the digital age. For UK politicians, the corridors of the House of Commons, the tea room and the smoking room, where smoking is not allowed, but alcohol flows, provide such safe spaces. I always make a big decision in politics by popping into the tea room, but I frequently do not check social media before taking a view on an issue.

Leaders need old, trusted friends, a hinterland away from the cut and thrust. You can be a High Court Judge or PM, but your mum, husband or child will put you in your place and are often great sounding boards for a whack of reality, killing or repackaging a bad idea. My 12-year-old daughter saved me from doing something daft only this week.

Leaders need a safe space to evolve and refine into a clear pitch to which people will rally. A private court around the King (or leader) is required now more than ever in a digital age.

With global economic challenges of high inflation, managing in a fluctuating foreign exchange world, rising operating costs and stiff international competition, global leaders must understand the pitfalls and opportunities of a digital age. TEXEM is well placed to provide a forum to discuss these issues and unite global leaders in a safe space to reflect, return and lead.”

The statement quoted testimonials from previous participants on the impact of TEXEM’s programmes.

Sonya Ogunkuade, Hon. Commissioner and Special Assistant to the President said, “I’ve enjoyed the consultants’ presentations. I’ve enjoyed the practicability of the consultants. They bring in life examples in all their presentations”.

Prof. Olatunde Atusanya., Hon. Commissioner of the Tax Appeal Tribunal, also endorsed TEXEM, saying, “…TEXEM is a good platform for advancing leadership development.

“I would recommend TEXEM for organisations or institutions desiring to improve their workforce in leadership and strategic policy making”.