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Develop a standard business plan with simplified credit for a chance to win ₦1 million each week in May

Simplified Credit is running a mega promotion throughout the month of May that will enable four lucky SMEs win a sum of one million Naira each. The competition began on the 1st of May and will end on the 31st of May 2021.

Interested persons within the country can take part in this competition which is legitimate and has been approved by the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission of Nigeria, (FCCPC). To be an eligible winner, participants must comply with all terms and conditions and develop a Standard Business Plan with Simplified Credit. All winners will receive a grant of one million Naira interest and equity free. The cash prize is not a loan and winners are not expected to repay the sum.
Additionally, all applicants are required to fill out a fresh questionnaire to be eligible for the competition and only businesses that are registered can participate in the competition.

How to Participate
1. Log on to
2. Create an account or log in to your existing account
3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
4. Click on “Get Started” or “Buy Subscription” under “Standard Business Plan”
5. Complete payment form and pay applicable fees of ₦21,550 or $50 to access the Standard Business Plan questionnaire
6. Complete the questionnaire carefully and accurately
7. Generate your business plan and financial model
8. Stay tuned to our social media platforms; winners will be announced every Tuesday in May

Simplified Credit – Who We Are and What We Offer
Start-ups and SMEs are crucial to the growth and development of a nation’s economy, and as such, require the right tools and support to operate efficiently. Simplified Credit is a multi-faceted platform and web app that has been introduced to significantly improve the access of MSMEs to credit. The platform has been developed in response to the need for innovative financial products that have the potential of fast-tracking financial inclusion. Our mission at Simplified Credit is to provide Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with information, assessment, planning and monitoring tools, which improve their access to professional services and financing to grow sustainably.

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We leverage technology, extensive research and deep industry expertise to provide the following products and services
• Business Plan Development: Simplified Credit offers an array of business planning development services that simplifies the process of translating ideas into bankable business plans, while making it available to those who may be constrained by geographical, financial, or communication barriers. We currently offer two categories of business plan development services that both have distinctive features, are convenient and can be accessed and downloaded at any time:

I. Mini Business Plan: this service offers comprehensive research on the macro economy of the industry or sector of focus. Through a series of automated analysis, an evaluation of the feasibility and sustainability of your business is generated. key features of the service which include: low-cost assessment, quick feasibility evaluation, industry analysis and high-level market and financial projections are guaranteed to all users. This can be purchased at a fair price of ₦10,000 only. However, financial institutions and Government agencies may negotiate a bulk discount for their customers

II. Standard Business Plan: this is a more comprehensive template that allows you to define key parameters for the success of your business. It offers an extensive macro-economic research across selected regions and a deeper evaluation of the business across operations, marketing and financing with an added currency selection. This plan also provides thorough viability assessments which analyse the profitability, cashflow and fund repayment ability of your business. This can be purchased for the price of ₦21,550 or $50 only

• Management Finance: our management finance tool supports MSMEs to build capacity in areas such as financial literacy, business structuring, book-keeping and business management among others, to realize better economic outcomes. This service is rendered in two categories:
I. Financial Literacy: provides free access to simplified concepts on business and financial management which, enable users access valuable business insight and solutions to accelerate improved business practices. This is delivered through materials such as quizzes, flashcards, trivia and facts
II. Business Templates: our business templates enable users develop sustainable frameworks that manage processes effectively for profitability. These templates are available across four categories of Marketing and Sales, Human Resource, Administrative and Legal functions. These templates are available at a modest fee of ₦5,000 each or ₦10,000 for the premium package, which is inclusive of all three templates. We also offer an Administrative template that can be downloaded for free by registered users

• Credit Compare: businesses require loans for expansion and Simplified Credit has gone a step further to provide free up-to-date information on credit and financing options offered by key financial institutions. Registered users can access information on business or personal loans offered by banks and other financial service providers, as well as intervention funds offered by the government. This gives costumers an edge, allowing them to compare various credit options available and empowering users with information that increases their bargaining power when negotiating credit. It also increases the probability of accessing credit with credible information on loan requirements and application processes at their fingertips

You can click here to access our products and services and get more information about the services we provide. For further enquires, you may contact us on +234 706 5000 835, +234 906 0059 061 or send an email to

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