• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Credible OjaNow App, committed to fulfilling promise of delivering trust through quick grocery, essentials delivery in Nigeria


In the bustling heart of Lagos, an essentials delivery company is redefining the concept of convenient and reliable delivery. OjaNow, a 24/7 groceries and essentials delivery company, is quickly making a name for itself thanks to its speedy deliveries across Lagos amid widespread economic challenges, especially the recent hike in fuel prices. In an exclusive interview with Jamal Kasumu, the Co-founder and COO of OjaNow, we delved into the company’s aims, values, commitments and its unique position.

“At OjaNow, we’re not just delivering products; we’re delivering trust,” said Jamal as he reiterated the company’s dedication to serving the diverse needs of Lagos residents. “The name OjaNow – which is derived from the Yoruba word Oja meaning marketplace – signifies a promise of fast and reliable shopping solutions for every one of our customers,” He said devotedly.

OjaNow’s diverse range of products, spanning home essentials, kitchen items,office supplies, baby products, pet supplies, and cleaning materials, aims to cater to the multifaceted lives of Nigerians especially those living in chaotic urban cities like Lagos. According to Jamal Kasumu his is an aim that has driven him and his team to consistently exceed expectations despite their relatively short time in operation. However, the recent spotlight on a delivery brand with a similar name (simply “Oja”) has raised some eyebrows over the integrity of delivery companies around the world.

“We want to make it abundantly clear that the OjaNow name, along with its aims and values have always been fundamentally different” Mr Jamal Kasumu asserted. “Our ethos revolves around empathy and responsibility, ensuring that both our customers and employees feel respected and valued. We view our team as a family, and their well-being is our priority.”

The recent situation has provided us with an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations about the significance of ethical business practices and values amongst several delivery companies and it has perhaps provided an unexpected window for OjaNow to set itself apart as “the Oja that delivers”. As Lagosians go about their daily hustle, rarely able to trust any institutions, OjaNow reemphasizes its steadfast commitment to stand as a symbol of reliability, empathy, and trust for all its stakeholders – a promise that goes beyond mere monetary transactions.