• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Chint Nigeria hosts revolutionary electrical retail roadshow at Alaba market


Alaba Market, West Africa, Nigeria – The heart of Nigeria’s bustling Alaba Market recently witnessed a transformative showcase of cutting-edge innovations in the realm of electrical power and energy. Chint Global, a pioneering name in the electrical industry, brought its Retail Roadshow to Alaba Market. The event showcased a plethora of cutting-edge solutions for electrical retailers, emphasizing the latest breakthroughs in breakers, switches, panels, and distribution boards.

Chint Nigeria with Head Office at Churchgate Tower 2, Church gate Street Victoria Island Lagos is known for its unwavering commitment to providing reliable and efficient electrical solutions, aimed to connect directly with the retailers who play a vital role in supplying electrical components to countless businesses and households in Nigeria and beyond.

The event attracted retailers, electrical contractors, and industry enthusiasts from far and wide. Participants were enthralled by the wide array of innovative solutions on display. Chint’s team of experts were on hand to demonstrate the latest technologies in circuit breakers, switches, panels, and distribution boards, highlighting the remarkable strides that have been made in these fields.

Mr Ifeanyi a retailer in the Alaba market
I have been selling Chint breakers for over seven years but I did not know the company Is big like this. All my customers come from almost all the states in Nigeria but have never complained to return any item to me, so I like the Chint products very much.

The roadshow was not just about showcasing products; it was also a platform for Chint to interact with retailers and understand their unique requirements. This collaborative approach ensures that Chint’s solutions align with the evolving needs of the industry and its customers.

Chint have two distributors presently in the Alaba market, Flame Engineering located at F-Line F808 and Golden Charley Concept Ltd at D-Line DD-38A.

Chint Nigeria’s roadshow is a testament to their dedication to the growth and development of the electrical sector in Nigeria and the broader West African region. It is a clear signal that the future of electrical power and energy is not just promising but already at our doorstep.