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Afrimed unveils Nigeria’s first full-fledged aesthetics solutions distribution

In a move to foster the future of plastic surgery and dermatology in Africa with a focus on exosomes as a promising technology, Afrimedical Manufacturing and Supplies Limited has unveiled Afrimed, Nigeria’s first full-fledged aesthetics solutions distribution.

While expressing gratitude for the opportunity to explore the African market, Mofid Karameh, the Chairman of the parent company – Mikano International Limited, revealed at the light event launch in Lagos on Saturday June 8, that there is an ongoing plan to expand medical services across the continent, including a new division and headquarters.

“We decided two years ago to start venturing and looking into the African continent from Nigeria to the others. Today, Afrimed is opening and before the end of the year, we’re going to open the medical equipment division which actually will be a complete hospital from A to Z specialise in cardiology, orthopedics…many other specialties,” said Elias Chabtini, global CEO of Afrimed, at the launch.

According to him, the popularity of non-invasive aesthetic treatments is on the rise, with a shift towards quick and easy solutions such as fillers, and eyelid surgery among others, citing that the drive by Gen Z and millennials to want to look younger has led to this development.

He said historically in the world, women start aesthetic procedures at the age of 45. But now, the young generations of men and women are shifting the global trends by starting at the age of 25.

“In today’s world, patients are starting as young as 16 – 18 years old,” he said.

According to Market Reports World, the male aesthetics market size was estimated at $5.53 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach 6.16 billion in 2024, at a compound annual growth rate of 11.46 percent to reach 11.83 billion by 2030.

Afrimedical is one of the foremost providers of medical solutions, such as sterile hypodermic syringes, face masks, and sanitizing tunnels that help in the protection against virus-related infections, for medical institutions and professionals across Nigeria and Africa.

The Afrimedical factory is one of the biggest in West Africa with a manufacturing capacity of 1.5 billion hypodermic and auto-disabled immunisation syringes a year using the latest E-beam sterilisation technology with 20 – 25 percent fewer plastics, and medical-grade materials.

In his keynote speech, Tunji Alausa, Minister of State for Health, said the landmark event marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s healthcare journey, opening new avenues for advanced aesthetic treatments and technologies that will undoubtedly enhance the well-being and confidence of our citizens.

He said: “Aesthetics in healthcare is not merely about appearance; it is deeply intertwined with our overall health and quality of life.

“By addressing issues ranging from skin health to reconstructive surgery, aesthetic solutions play a crucial role in a comprehensive healthcare environment.

“These solutions not only help individuals regain their physical appearance but also restore their confidence and mental well-being, contributing to a holistic recovery and improved life satisfaction.”

The minister congratulated the management of Afrimed on becoming Nigeria’s first full-fledged aesthetics solutions distributor, saying that the establishment of this outfit signifies the company’s commitment to providing the latest advancements in medical aesthetics to the Nigerian population.

“This assures me that our healthcare providers have access to state-of-the-art products and technologies, enabling them to deliver world-class treatments right here at home. This move will foster innovation, improve patient outcomes, and support the ongoing education and training of our medical professionals in aesthetic medicine.

“Furthermore, the introduction of advanced aesthetic solutions will spur economic growth, creating job opportunities and fostering collaborations with global leaders in the aesthetics industry. It positions Nigeria as a competitive player on the global healthcare stage, attracting investments and enhancing our healthcare infrastructure.

“As we celebrate this significant achievement, I urge all stakeholders in the healthcare sector to embrace these advancements and collaborate to make aesthetic healthcare accessible and affordable for all Nigerians. Let us continue to strive for excellence and work together to build a healthier, more confident nation,” he added.

From L – R: Mr Mofid Karameh – Chairman Mikano International Limited, Dr Tunji Alausa – Minister of State for Health and Social Welfare, Mr. Omar Karameh – GD, Mikano International Limited, Mr Elias Chabtini – MD Afrimed International Limited, Mr. George Chabtini – GM Afrimed during the inspection of Afrimed products at the event launch

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