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5 reasons why I am registering my business on PayWithSpecta

As a business owner, I have struggled with building a client base, serving my customers and delivering on exceptional service while keeping my prices consistent. The changing nature of the business landscape in Nigeria, the regulations, regulators, and many more make it difficult to run a business and keep delivering on value. The risks of doing business here are high as rules can be changed overnight and in the blink of an eye, an entire industry does not exist.

Over the years, I have sought solutions to these challenges and I continuously look for ways to ensure that I am serving my customers to the best of my abilities. One of the most amazing discoveries that I made is PayWithSpecta. PayWithSpecta is a platform that allows registered customers to pay in instalments for goods purchased while ensuring that I; the merchant is paid in full. There is almost no other way to describe this than to call it a win-win! This solution is amazing and very practical for my retail business. Beyond the ability to offer my customers something truly beneficial, there are a few other reasons why I believe that choosing PayWithSpecta is a no-brainer for any and every retail business in Nigeria.

PayWithSpecta has a wide coverage. There are over 100,000 Nigerians registered with MySpecta; which is the flagship product they termed loans in 5 minutes. Having my business registered with them opens me up to many customers. Simply registering on PayWithSpecta is a masterstroke in marketing as my business can now access the constantly growing hundreds of thousands of potential customers that are already registered onPayWithSpecta. Access to financing is a major requirement of most Nigerians in today’s world as people need cash to settle many different bills and make purchase for things required for their personal and business survival. I believe PayWithSpecta is a force when it comes to helping Nigerians finance their lives.

As a business owner, my goal is to grow; I want to be better than I was yesterday. I want to make more impact, increase sales and generally do more. Over the past few years, with the increase in the cost of living, the devaluation of the naira and other factors, it has become more difficult for some of my regular customers to purchase what they normally would. I decided to work on how I can help significantly improve sales and give my regular buyers an opportunity to continue buying from me.

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No more chasing customers
Sometimes, I have customers that really need a product, but they might not have the cash to make the purchase at the time. With my experience in business, I have learnt to be careful when it comes to extending credit lines to customers as the time I use to worry about payment, makes the sale not worth it. Now my customers can “buy things on credit” and pay in instalments while I get paid in full at the same time. It is an amazing win-win situation. I don’t have to worry about deferred payments and my clients don’t have to worry about paying all at once.PaywithSpecta takes the risk, you get your money in full and everyone is happy.

Wherever your store is, you can use PayWithSpecta
PayWithSpecta can be used whether you have an online store or a physical store or even both. This makes it so amazing for business users. Imagine customers do not need to pay with cash or card, they just give you their Specta ID when leaving the store and you use the PayWithSpecta dashboard to authenticate and you get your money.

Get credit to support your business
PayWithSpecta gives credit access as well; this is another great perks gained for registering my business on the platform. I can get a credit line and so can my distributors. This helps me expand my range of products, invest in equipment and generally deliver better services only because I can leverage the opportunity from working with PayWithSpecta.

What are you waiting for? Register here: and multiply all your efforts in one move.

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