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The Sophia Code Foundation was birthed from the compassion I feel for survivors,” Says Author Kaia Ra

Survivors of rape know the indescribable depths of trauma that must heal to move forward and regain their trust in life. Those who have survived it find themselves struggling with how the resulting trauma can control every aspect of their life, multiplying the many feelings of shame and suffering that they already feel from being raped. Without support, a survivor of rape may never fully recover from the devastating effects of trauma.

It can be hard to identify where to turn to in the aftermath of such heartbreaking trauma. It is at this confusing crossroads that Kaia Ra extends a spiritual hand to those in need of support. Kaia Ra holds many titles and provides guidance, mentorship, and support to people around the world through countless means. Ra is known as a Divine Feminine author, teacher, speaker, ceremonialist, and business savvy entrepreneur. From her own personal journey of recovery to success, she created The Sophia Code Foundation as a beacon of hope for others.

Founded in 2018 by Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code Foundation was birthed as a non-profit educational resource for sharing how to heal from trauma through The Sophia Code teachings. Ra’s intention was to provide multiple avenues of recovery support for rape survivors and for those estranged from the spiritual principles of Divine Feminine healing empowerment. International members of the foundation have gathered online for six years every third Sunday of the month for a free ministerial offering led by Ra that includes teachings, guidance, prayer, meditation, and visualizations for healing called ‘The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective’.

The foundation’s long-term vision includes building a spiritual healing center that provides a Divine Feminine approach for survivors of domestic violence, rape, human trafficking, and torture with in-person healing practitioners, mentors, and facilitators of sacred space. This spiritual center will include a Divine Feminine temple for meditating upon one’s whole divine nature and the heavenly support that is guiding their ongoing recovery. It will also include a center for practitioners and mentors to provide a somatic, holistic healing approach for clearing the imprints of trauma and supporting survivors to step into their sovereignty.

Ra says, “I created The Sophia Code Foundation to share the life changing Divine Feminine teachings of The Sophia Code with as many people as possible worldwide. It is a living transmission that guides you to the inner source all healing: your own sovereign divinity. I know with all certainty that the truth of one’s own sovereign divinity can overcome even the most devastating wounds. As a survivor of 18 years of rape and torture, I also understand the seemingly impossible journey to move beyond the devastating effects of trauma and into your soul’s power. The Sophia Code Foundation was birthed from the compassion that I feel for all survivors and from the solidarity that I feel for anyone seeking to reconcile with the Divine Feminine aspect of God that deeply embraces us as we choose to heal.”

While Kaia Ra has established herself as a Divine Feminine teacher and speaker, she is also an international best-selling author, fine artist, and jewelry designer. Her book The Sophia Code is a self-published miracle that has reached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

The road to recovery following any traumatic event is fraught with confusion and additional suffering when traveling that road in isolation and without community or mentorship. Kaia Ra established The Sophia Code Foundation to create a unique healing path for others based on the success of her own healing journey with the Ascended Masters. Her vision supports those who have been left to walk it alone with a true flame of hope for a successful recovery.

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