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Quest for multiple incomes made me a CEO – Sonia Ovuehor

Sonia Omon Obehi Ovuehor, CEO, Sonaira business world, says having multiple sources of income is vital to survival in today’s world.

According to her, this is what motivated her to acquire several skills which in turn helped to diversify her business which today include the formulation of natural skincare products, importation of human hair, sales of adult and children’s fashion as well as adult pleasure toys.

“I grew up reading motivational books by the likes of Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki and other notable authors and one phrase that kept recurring was “multiple streams of income”. Then in  2014, I enrolled at the Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development, I took a  course on MSI (Multiple streams of income) where I learnt in real terms how impossible it is for anyone to survive on one income source in today’s economic climate.”

Ovuehor business portfolios include real estate, courier service, and logistics.

“I started business as a very young student. I sold cosmetics, thrift clothes, shoes, and bags, while also working intermittently during the incessant academic strikes. I then worked as an intern at Afrihub in Benin. My experience at the ICT company accelerated my digital skills which opened windows of opportunities for me after my first degree,” she explained.

“ I have work for a telecommunications company, a construction company, and lastly a beauty company before  I birthed my own business, which over the years grew into what it is today,” she said.

Ovuehor, who regarded herself as a lifetime entrepreneur, stated that she derives pleasure in buying and selling major commodities.

“Essentially, this was how I built Sonaira into a unique shopping and retail business operating both online and offline incorporated in 2017.”

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