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Nigeria’s housing problem solvable, says Bridget Adeyemi, director of Lekkiajahikoyi company

Bridget Adeyemi, one of the leading women in property marketing in Nigeria has urged the government to come up with pragmatic housing policies and implementation that will make more Nigerians homeowners.

The director of Lekkiajahikoyi Property Investment Limited avowed that good housing policies in addition to partnership between government and real estate stakeholders is the easiest and pragmatic ways of solving the country’s housing deficit.

“It is alarming that Nigeria has a housing deficit of at least 17 millions,” she observed, “It is not, however, an insurmountable challenge.”

She continued: “The policies in place at the moment are inadequate to tackle the challenge. That is why government, at all levels, needs to partner with real estate stakeholders and work together to come up with policies that will ramp up efforts by all parties concerned.”

According to Adeyemi, whose company, Lekkiajahikoyi Property Investment Limited has the largest following on Instagram, the private sector also needs to invest more in the Nigerian property market. “Real estate is a big business where you can be sure that every investment leads to a win-win situation. In bust or boom investment in property will always pay back.”

She made an example of the Lekki axis, an area considered the most valuable place to own landed property in Nigeria. “The Lekki-Ajah and Ikoyi axis have for decades been premium locations. Today, they are still a place to have choice property, and in fact the most bankable place for real estate business. It is the clearest example of the profitability of investing in real estate,” Adeyemi avowed.

Now is the time to invest in the development of estates across the cities, she urged investors. “In this wise, state governments should parley with private investors on how to develop new towns and work out the modalities with a time frame. This way, the country could be over its housing problems in just one decade.”

Since at least the past five years, Lekkiajahikoyi Property Investment Limited, the company she co-founded and run with her husband, has been the leading property marketing company in Lagos and especially in the Lekki-Ajah-Ikoyi axis of the property market.

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