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I will do more charity for children’s education —Kristen Dawodu

Philanthropist and record label CEO Kristen Dawodu is making a case for better education for Nigerian children.

The US-based showbiz impresario, whose real name is Oluwagbenga Oluwafemi Dawodu, argued that a good and sound education for the young ones will put them on the right path that will ensure that they turn  out as patriotic and productive citizens in future.

¨Our children need good, sound and functional education. I want to focus on helping in that area, ¨ he said.

Olugbenga Olufemi Dawodu,  whose  KD Record is a leading music label and studio in Lagos, is widely acclaimed for his humanitarian activities which had won him several awards and honours including The Carter Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy and Award for Outstanding Philanthropist.

He is renowned for his charity on social media where he gives money to people who are in dire need.

But now, ¨I am focusing my charity on children´s cause,¨ he avowed.

Continuing, he declared: ¨I am going to walk my talk, therefore, I will henceforth focuse my future philanthropy on advocating and working towards a better education for Nigerian children.¨

Dawodu further adds: ¨That does not mean that I will stop giving back to society or helping the less privileged and the needy as I have been doing since the past few years; far from it, only that I will start paying special attention to advocacy and activities that can help deliver world-class education to our children. Moreso, no child should be deprived of education. Education is every child´s right.¨

On the likelihood of incorporating a foundation for the purpose of the new thrust of his philanthropy, Dawodu admitted that he is open to the idea, but nonetheless, he refrained from being definite about such a move. ¨I have mulled over the idea several times,¨ he said. ¨but there are a few hitches here and there that I will allow time to clear up in the month’s ahead.¨

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