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Top 10 countries with the highest Schengen visa rejection rates

Securing a Schengen visa is essential for travel within the 29 European countries in the Schengen Area, serving various purposes like tourism, business, or family visits. However, obtaining it can be challenging, leading to many rejections for applicants.

Certain countries experience frustration due to the remarkably high rate of visa denials they encounter. The Africa Wealth Report highlighted that “Africa accounted for seven of the top ten countries with the highest Schengen visa rejection rates in 2022”.

“African visa applicants face more severe restrictions compared to applicants from other regions, resulting in a disproportionately high rejection rate. In 2022, Africa topped the list of rejections with 30% or one in three of all processed applications being turned down, even though it had the lowest number of visa applications per capita.”

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These countries face high Schengen visa rejection rates due to insufficient documentation, concerns about overstaying, and economic circumstances.

“Globally, the absolute number of Schengen visa applications decreased from 16.7 million in 2014 to 7.6 million in 2022, representing a decline of almost 9 million applications. In other words, the global number of Schengen visa applications declined by nearly 54.7%,” the report stated.

Despite fewer applications, their rejection rates are comparable to larger nations, influenced by limited economic ties and return concerns.

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High rejection rates persist due to challenges in proving genuine intentions, economic instability, and demonstrating temporary visits. Improving economic ties and strengthening connections to the home country could lower rejection rates.

Here are the top 10 countries with the highest Schengen visa rejection rates

1. Algeria

– Schengen Visa Applications: 392,053
– Schengen Visa Rejections: 179,409
– Rejection Rate: 45.8%

2. Guinea-Bissau

– Schengen Visa Applications: 7,990
– Schengen Visa Rejections: 3,611
– Rejection Rate: 45.2%

3. Nigeria

– Schengen Visa Applications: 86,815
– Schengen Visa Rejections: 39,189
– Rejection Rate: 45.1%

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4. Sri Lanka

– Schengen Visa Applications: 17,594
– Schengen Visa Rejections: 7,691
– Rejection Rate: 43.7%

5. Ghana

– Schengen Visa Applications: 42,124
– Schengen Visa Rejections: 18,363
– Rejection Rate: 43.6%

6. Haiti

– Schengen Visa Applications: 5,270
– Schengen Visa Rejections: 2,655
– Rejection Rate: 42.3%

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7. Senegal

– Schengen Visa Applications: 56,866
– Schengen Visa Rejections: 23,683
– Rejection Rate: 41.6%

8. Guinea

– Schengen Visa Applications: 11,806
– Schengen Visa Rejections: 4,791
– Rejection Rate: 40.6%

9. Pakistan

– Schengen Visa Applications: 76,090
– Schengen Visa Rejections: 30,841
– Rejection Rate: 40.5%

10. Mali

– Schengen Visa Applications: 23,117
– Schengen Visa Rejections: 9,291
– Rejection Rate: 39.9%

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