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Stakeholders Insist on citizen-led approach to corruption fight

Stakeholders Insist on citizen-led approach to corruption fight

Stakeholders in the fight against corruption say Nigeria needs a citizens-led approach if the country must effectively curb the menace.

Akin Fadeyi, excutive director, Akin Fadeyi Foundation, said corruption cannot be tackled by the Nigerian government alone hence the need for collaboration with citizens.

He said this at the the launch of the foundation’s Three-year End-line report 2020 on “corruption not in my country”, the flagship initiative of the foundation.

He said the report was conceptualized to help promote good governance in Nigeria and address issues of transparency, accountability, and promotion of the rule of law within the nations criminal justice system.

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Fadeyi who was represented by the Editor-in-Chief, Leadership Group, Azubuike Ishiekwene said “we all have our roles and responsibilities in the fight against corruption. the prevalent method before now was the top- bound approach, but the AFF just want to remind us of the Citizen led approach which is more effective.

“The foundation has gone to schools to ensure students are well informed on personal responsibilities towards ensuring a society void of corruption.

In his remarks, senior Advocate of Nigeria, Yusuf Ali said primary schools should be taught civic duties, obligation of government and priotize hard work, commitment and loyalty as enviable quality.

He said “There must be the will power on the part of the leaders. We have to clean our political system void of corruption. let you have leaders with integrity that would help fight corruption.

“The high level of unemployment and under employment must be tackled. let’s provide the enabling environment for people to thrive it is then government will have moral authority to punish those who are corrupt.

“We need organizations like this in every part of the country. We need to develop a scientific way of fighting corruption. corruption is an attitude, so what we need is behavioral change and that can be achieved when we stop celebrating materialism.

In the same vein, the Co-director, on Nigeria and Director, MacArthur foundation reiterated the need for a citizen to take responsibility in sanitizing the country from corruption.

” There are government institution fighting against corruption but what we need is behavioral change. Change can only happen when citizens work with Government and when government work with Citizens. All hands must be on deck to tackle corruption.” he concluded

Speaking on the impact made by the foundation in ending corruption, the Corp Marshall, Boboye Oyeyemi revealed that several cases of corruption was brought to the cooperations awarenesses by Citizens through the Flag- IT App; an online platform launched by FRSC in collaboration with the AFF that avails the general public the opportunity to send in complains or commendations regarding the service of the corps.

He explained that since the the app was launched in 10 October 2019, the Flag- IT has continued to serve as a tool deployed to strengthen the capacity of the capacity of the corps tl be integrity driven, improve on public service delivery and be very responsive to public feedback.

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