• Friday, December 01, 2023
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Osimhen snubs teammates after Napoli TikTok jab

Napoli forward Victor Osimhen has been spotted in a video arriving at the team’s hotel and snubbing some teammates while greeting team manager Santoro. This follows the club sharing a video on their TikTok account where he was mocked for missing a penalty.

Osimhen’s agent, Roberto Calendar, has threatened to sue the club over “severe damage to the player” caused by the video. Osimhen has also pulled down all images related to Napoli from his Instagram page in what seemed to be a response to Napoli over the video.

The incident has strained relations between Osimhen and the club, and how it will impact the player’s future with Napoli remains to be seen. Osimhen is one of the most valuable players in the club’s squad and a key player for the Nigerian national team.

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It is unclear why Osimhen snubbed his teammates in the video, but he was likely upset with the club for mocking him for missing a penalty. Osimhen is a professional footballer and is expected to perform well under pressure. However, everyone makes mistakes, and it is unfair to mock a player for missing a penalty.

Napoli has since apologized to Osimhen for the video, but, likely, the damage has already been done. Osimhen is a valuable asset to the club, and they need to do everything they can to keep him happy.