• Saturday, February 24, 2024
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APC campaign council warns SDP over INEC office safety

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Campaign Council in Kogi State has issued a stern caution to the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the state, holding them responsible for any harm or damage incurred by the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) Office in Lokoja. This warning comes in response to the SDP’s recent public alert regarding a perceived threat to the INEC office.

Expressing their stance, the Campaign Council alleged in a statement that the SDP’s alarm about a purported planned attack on the INEC office was merely a diversionary tactic. Kingsley Fanwo, the Director of Media and Publicity/Spokesperson for the Council, emphasised their belief that the SDP’s true intention was to set fire to the INEC office and subsequently attribute the act to the APC.

In the statement released on Sunday night, Fanwo remarked, “Their covert actions to conceal their fabricated claims about the election are well-documented. Therefore, we urge security agencies to bolster security measures around all INEC offices across the state.”

The statement continued to denounce the SDP’s efforts to propagate groundless allegations post-election, pointing out the significant disparity between their pre-election boasting and the actual outcome of the Kogi State Governorship Poll, which was deemed the most credible in the state’s democratic history.

Highlighting the SDP’s failure to secure victory and their subsequent attempts to discredit the election process, the APC Campaign Council condemned the party’s resort to blaming everyone but themselves. They portrayed the SDP as a party and candidate devoid of the necessary political standing to challenge the firmly rooted APC in Kogi State.

Moreover, the Council commended the citizens of Kogi for displaying unity in their voting pattern, standing resolutely against divisive elements during the election. They emphasized that despite intimidations and disruptions in some areas, INEC conducted a commendable, unbiased election, safeguarded by vigilant security agencies.

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Concluding their statement, the Council dismissed the SDP’s legal threats, asserting that the party had continuously faltered – unable to secure victory, manipulate ballot boxes, or sow discord among the state’s populace.

In response to the APC’s assertions, the SDP had earlier alleged plans to incinerate the INEC Office in Kogi State, advocating for heightened security measures around the premises to avert any impending threat.

“It has come to our attention through reliable sources that urgent security reinforcement is necessary at the Kogi State INEC office to prevent an intended arson attack orchestrated by certain groups,” stated Isaiah Ijele, DG, New Media, MuriSam Campaign Council, on behalf of the SDP in a released statement on Sunday.