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Our dear readers,


Technology fuelling challenges as well as opportunities

BusinessDay is commencing a journey to new paths after standing on the work for over 19 years. We call it Impact Journalism. You will hear more about it in the days ahead, see it in our stories, analyses, perspectives and features and the depth and passion we infuse into our work of public watchdog on your behalf.


Technology is changing our world with a fundamental impact on our social, political and economic lives. These changes need to be shaped by appropriate ideas and actions that provide Nigerians with the positive outcomes and narratives that have eluded them for decades.


The reality is that the future offers humankind many opportunities to live healthier, greener, peaceful and more fulfilled lives. However, only the prepared are reaping these economic and social benefits around the world.


Slow Response

At BusinessDay, we accept the imperative of playing the role of galvanising the nation towards rapid economic growth that stems the tide of moderate recovery of business activity, erases the pervasive air of despair and gives hope to our people.


The truth is that our traditionally slow and reactive response mechanisms and structures for dealing with problems faced by the people have contributed to the present situation where crisis management absorbs our energies. The time has come for new, bold and proactive ways of dealing with our national challenges through approaches that anticipate and prepare Nigeria for problems before they arrive.

Free Enterprise

BusinessDay shares the widely accepted principle of free enterprise as the bedrock for the creation of wealth that leads to more jobs and more tax revenues for the government. Free enterprise has been the pillar of the peace, economic and technological advancement that the world has seen. Even then, we believe companies and their leaders should understand that as they pursue their inalienable duty to deliver on profit for shareholders, they should never lose sight of their obligations to the larger society. We demand profit with purpose.


Responsible Leadership and Profit with Purpose

BusinessDay issues this rallying call for responsible leadership at every level in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Nigeria’s uncontrolled population growth and the daunting challenges of survival that our people face daily.

We are fierce proponents of free enterprise, but not to the detriment of the general society. Our Journalism holds organisations to account, demanding that their profits are never at the expense of purpose.


BusinessDay is reshaping its journalism so it can be more impactful for these reasons. Firstly, we believe democracy thrives in an atmosphere where information dissemination is unhindered. BusinessDay will continue to be trustworthy in a professional sense. With trust, we hope to empower our communities better, to engage with one another, to act and then to thrive. We see ourselves as champions – explainers committed to telling the stories that mould and inspire society through impact journalism that offers solutions. Our people hope to understand their world better, and it is our duty and obligation to provide them with clarity, facts that they can trust, information and insight that they need, all reported with care.


Holding the Powerful Accountable

Our people long to create a better Nigeria. We believe we must use our platforms to nurture imagination–hopeful ideas, fresh and pragmatic alternatives that work, knowing that the way things are isn’t the way things need to be. BusinessDay cannot merely criticise the status quo; we must always also explore and present new ideas that might displace it. BusinessDay will seek to build hope through its work. Because we canvass ethical conduct from others, we must ourselves abhor moments of indiscretion, allowing our character to reflect in the courage of our stories and the decency of our commercial engagements.


Today we recommit to our ethos – public journalism that helps with solutions. We will lead the charge for economic and social policies to rapidly transform the finance and business landscape. Nigeria is too relevant to the world not to succeed. We will canvass mechanisms that aim to eliminate corruption while promoting high levels of corporate governance across the board. Nigerians need to overcome their prejudices and work together.


Our recent Editorials unabashedly reveals this mandate. We hold the powerful to account with consistency and courage.


BusinessDay will fiercely seek to hold the powerful to account, telling the truth to those in power in better, new ways, reigniting hope in our people. Nigeria is at a place where it deserves no less. If, as has been suggested, we will be the third most populous country in the world by 2050, then a new form of urgency must become the order of the day. That’s why we believe it is time for a new standard of impact journalism. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.


We believe nigeria shouldn’t be a society defined only by its divisiveness, despair and persistent negative economic growth  In every way nigeria should demonstrate the urgency of a nation that will be the third most populous country on earth by 2050 .


Nigerians seek a nation where they do not just eke out a living but are inspired to be best so they can thrive and excel. It is why businessday is reshaping its mechanisms for engagement with the larger society where the powerful are held accountable at all times.


We will champion free enterprise as a necessity for wealth creation that leads to more jobs and tax revenues for the government. but we will promote the concept of profit with purpose. Businessday will canvass the enthronement at all times of leadership that is both competent and agile. We seek a nigeria where people live together in peace and are unfettered in their legitimate pursuits.


This is our refreshed mandate.