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Investing in financial literacy key for economic improvement, says Ologe

John Ologe, the chief executive officer (CEO), DavoDani Microfinance Bank, has stated the importance of investing in structures that promote financial literacy to enhance the economy and the lives of Nigerians.

Ologe shared this insight during an event where DavoDani Microfinance Bank (DDMB) honoured customers for their commitment to financial literacy. The bank awarded gifts to those who showed a strong savings habit at the 4th Save and Win Promo Draw in Lagos.

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Speaking at the event, the CEO emphasised the need for investing in infrastructures that support and enhance financial education to positively impact both the economy and the well-being of Nigerians. “This initiative reflects DDMB’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding customers who prioritize financial literacy and savings,” he said.

Ologe also welcomed attendees with enthusiasm and emphasised the bank’s dedication to financial inclusion and prosperity through initiatives like the Save and Win Promo. “In our pursuit of financial inclusion and prosperity, the Save and Win Promo aims to instill a culture of savings while extending financial services to the underserved,” Ologe said, highlighting the bank’s commitment to empowering customers through financial literacy programs.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of loyal customers, Ologe announced the bank’s growth, now with 11 branches, including the latest one in the Ajah-Badore axis of Lagos State.

“As we gather here today, we aim to select new winners for the fourth season of our Save and Win Promo,” Ologe remarked, encouraging customers to seize the opportunity and participate actively.

Also at the event, Raymond Ezekwu, the Group Head of Business Development at DavoDani Microfinance Bank, stressed the importance of rewarding depositors and promoting financial literacy, especially amid economic challenges.

“We encourage customers to save for the future despite economic uncertainties. Financial literacy empowers them to navigate challenges and utilize savings for business growth,” Ezekwu stated, emphasizing the bank’s commitment to supporting customers in their financial journeys.

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Among the celebrated winners was Onyekachi Okechukwu, an electrical materials businessman based in Alaba branch, who expressed surprise and gratitude for the recognition.

“Saving is essential even in tough times. It accumulates over time and provides opportunities for growth,” Okechukwu said, highlighting the significance of cultivating a savings habit for long-term benefits.

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