• Thursday, November 30, 2023
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How Nigerian artists rank on global streaming chart

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The latest rankings on Kworb, a platform tracking artists’ performance across iTunes and Spotify charts, highlight the global relevance of Nigerian music. As of November 15, 2023, the top 10 Nigerian music acts stand prominently on the international stage, with Burna Boy leading the charge at an impressive global rank of 18.

This musical triumph extends across a diverse array of artists, from the rhythmic beats of Rema to the soulful melodies of Tems, as they collectively redefine the narrative of African music’s influence on a global scale.

Here are the top 10 Nigerian artists and how they are ranked on the website as of November 15.

Burna Boy

Global rank – 18; Total points – 1,231

burna boy

At the forefront of the global music scene, Burna Boy commands a remarkable rank of 18, boasting a total of 1,231 points on Kworb’s charts. His impact spans major streaming platforms, with a dominant presence on Apple Music (891), Spotify (112), iTunes (22), Youtube (132), Shazam (37), and Deezer (36). Burna Boy’s chart-topping success is underscored by the popularity of standout tracks such as ‘City Boy,’ ‘Last Last,’ and ‘Tested Approved & Trusted’. Additionally, his album ‘I Told Them’ serves as a testament to his artistic prowess and contributes significantly to his leading global status.

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Global rank – 28; Total points – 885


Rema has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, thriving across diverse platforms: 447 on Apple Music, 129 on Spotify, 67 on iTunes, 112 on Youtube, 54 on Shazam, and 75 on Deezer. His artistic finesse is exemplified through standout works such as ‘Calm Down,’ ‘Bubalu,’ and ‘Charm’. Adding to his accolades is the recent triumph of his ‘Ravage’ EP, solidifying Rema’s position as a chart-topping sensation in the ever-evolving landscape of international music.


Global rank – 77; Total points – 502


Asake is also making waves, charting strongly on key platforms: 364 on Apple Music, 53 on Spotify, 5 on iTunes, 41 on Youtube, 25 on Shazam, and 14 on Deezer. His compelling narrative unfolds through hit tracks such as ‘Lonely at The Top,’ ‘Basquait,’ and ‘Bandana’. Beyond individual successes, Asake’s album ‘Work of Art’ stands as a testament to his artistic prowess.

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Global rank – 78; Total points – 502


Davido commands attention on a global scale with an impressive array of scores: 325 on Apple Music, 33 on Spotify, 41 on iTunes, 64 on Youtube, 23 on Shazam, and 16 on Deezer. His hit singles like ‘Sensational,’ ‘Unavailable,’ and ‘Feel’ as well as the album ‘Timeless,’ are gaining in popularity.

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Ayra Starr

Global rank – 86; Total points – 476

Ayra Starr has notched notable scores on various platforms: 269 on Apple Music, 32 on Spotify, 7 on iTunes, 107 on Youtube, 45 on Shazam, and 17 on Deezer. Her distinct musical identity shines through in ‘Rush,’ ‘Ngozi,’ and ‘No Love’ as well as the album ’19 & Dangerous’.

Ayra Star

Omah Lay:

Global rank – 112; Total points – 359

Omah Lay

Omah Lay registered impressive scores across platforms: 255 on Apple Music, 26 on Spotify, 12 on iTunes, 20 on Youtube, 29 on Shazam, and 17 on Deezer. His musical scores come through hit tracks such as ‘Holy Ghost,’ ‘Soso,’ and ‘Reason’ as well as the album ‘Boy Alone’.


Global rank – 234; Total points – 193

Shallipopi has made a notable impact on the global music charts with noteworthy scores across platforms, including 109 on Apple Music, 43 on Spotify, 14 on Youtube, 18 on Shazam, and 9 on Deezer, through ‘Cast’, ‘Evil Receive’, and ‘Oscroh’ as well as the album ‘Presido La Pluto’.



Global rank – 243; Total points – 190

Tems has dominated multiple platforms with notable figures: 147 on Apple Music, 17 on Spotify, 6 on iTunes, 6 on Youtube, 13 on Shazam, and 1 on Deezer. Her musical catalog charting includes tracks such as ‘Me & U,’ ‘Wait For U,’ and ‘Free Mind’. Her album ‘For Broken Ears’ has contributed to her overall presence in the global music landscape.



Global rank – 274; Total points – 163

Bnxn has achieved noteworthy scores across various platforms: 111 on Apple Music, 28 on Spotify, 8 on iTunes, 5 on Youtube, 5 on Shazam, and 6 on Deezer. His standout works include the track ‘Pidgin & English’. Hs recent album, ‘Sincerely Benson,’ has contributed to his presence in the global music scene.



Global rank – 280; Total points – 161

Lojay has made an impact across various platforms with figures including 107 on Apple Music, 6 on Spotify, 4 on iTunes, 20 on Youtube, 11 on Shazam, and 12 on Deezer. His notable tracks include ‘Sensational,’ ‘Monalisa,’ and ‘Moto’. His debut album, ‘Gangster Romantic,’ added to his presence in the global music charts.