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How I created wealth through the Internet – Mola, Mentorship expert

UK-based Congolese business woman, mentorship expert and founder of Mentor MatcHER, Mariam Mola recently appeared on Channels Television together with Linda Ikeji, a Nigerian media mogul and popular online personality.

Both distinguished women were guests at the London studio of Channels TV, where they discussed the viability and potential of making money doing business online in this current digital age.

Speaking on the programme Channel Business Global, anchored by Juilana Olayinka, she highlighted the importance of social media and explained it was a significant avenue for marketing and pointed out the reasons why business conglomerates, influencers and small business owners are taking advantage of the strength of social media.

They acknowledged the attraction, flexibility, interactivity, accessibility and wide reach of social media as some of the advantages over conventional websites and blogs. They also agreed that despite the proliferation of bloggers and social media activities, there is still a huge amount of money to be made online.

Linda Ikeji who is one of Nigeria’s earliest bloggers and perhaps the most accomplished social media influencer in the country, talked about her little beginnings and how she was able to turn her passion into business. She revealed how advertisers approached her when they discovered the exponential increase in her online followership. She explained how she grew from three thousand followers to three hundred thousand followers, and currently has five million followers across her social media platforms.

On the other hand, Mariam Mola, a serial entrepreneur and human capital development expert dwelled on her increasing but closed social media following which she aptly described as a cult following as some of them have been following her development and patronizing her business over a long period of time.

Unlike Linda Ikeji whose social media journey started as a passion before it metamorphosed into a full commercial venture, Mariam Mola’s social media engagement had a purpose, structure and business target from the beginning.

Mola extensively discussed how she has been able to use her social media to project her businesses and empowerment schemes, and also uses it to give value to her audience.

She talked about how she uses social media to boost her followership, publicize her activities and increase business patronage.

The programme anchor, Juliana Olayinka also corroborated Miss Mola’s claims by mentioning how Mola once used one of her social media platforms to gather a large number of women together for an event within a few hours of the event start time.

When asked about how she has been sustaining her social media followership, Mariam Mola identified constant posting of relevant materials, strong and engaging stories, patience, purposefulness and ability to know and own her space as some of her secrets.

She said that just like she does in her various business enterprises, she is always methodical in her use of social media as a tool of engagement, publicity and business.


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