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8 Oklahoma Laws That Will Surprise You


Laws and legal provisions are usually in place to protect and serve the citizens or the state of the country, but at times, due to strange consequences, some laws are etched in the country’s or state constitutions that make little sense and are ambiguous in nature. Oklahoma has certain rules that are surprising, to say the least. Let’s go through a few of these rules so that you don’t end up paying fines. Spread the word, you don’t want to be in situation where you’re fending for yourself for a loved one in a prison in Oklahoma.

Raising Your Voice in Church

Due to a provision added in 1910, being loud or screaming in any church of Oklahoma is deemed punishable by the Oklahoma state law. Using the legal sanctions provided by the state might be the best way to scare off children and make them stay quiet during service.


No Cursing in Public Places

In the presence of women and children under the age of ten in public places, cursing is strictly prohibited by the law in the state of Oklahoma. Violation of said law might result in a fine of $100 or time in prison. It should also be noted that cursing in the name of God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost results in a fine of $1.


No Gossiping

It is human curiosity to listen to other people’s conversations and talk about them with friends and family, however, in Oklahoma, eavesdropping on someone’s conversation with intent to gossip about it later with your acquaintances is strictly prohibited by the very laws of the state.


Illegality of Adultery

While several philosophers have discussed the legitimacy of adultery and deemed it to be an immoral act, many believe that adultery is a matter of personal morality and preference, however, if you do believe the adultery is moral, Oklahoma might not be the state for you. Oklahoma is one of the few states in the U.S. that deem adultery to be an illegal act and the punishment for committing the same is $500 and/or spending five years in state prison.


No Write-in Votes

The state of Oklahoma is one of the nine states in the U.S. that does not allow write-in votes. Usually, if voters are dissatisfied by the candidates from the two major parties, they can choose to write in the name of a candidate from a different party. While, Oklahoma does allow for a tick-in box for a third party candidate, it does not allow the voter to write the name of a candidate not present on the ballot paper. If something like that is done, the voting machine will eject the ballot paper and a new paper is provided to the voter.


No Bear Combat

The state of Oklahoma makes battling or wrestling bears illegal by law. The law might sound strange at first but it came into effect due to incredibly legitimate reasons. Back when the law was not imposed, wrestling bears was considered popular in the southern region of the U.S. Bear handlers used to frequent bars with bears and patrons of the bar would take the bear for a brawl. Reports suggested that the bears would be drugged or even declawed and defanged to protect the patrons from getting hurt. So, it can be seen that the law was enacted as a measure for animal welfare.


No Car Purchasing on Sunday

Due to the presence of Blue Laws or Sunday Laws, certain businesses and trades cannot be carried out on Sundays. In Oklahoma, car sales come under the Blue Law. Blue Laws are in place for religious reasons to observe a day for worship or a day of rest. Blue Laws have been deemed constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court several times on the basis of constitutional secularity. Blue Laws and their provisions are also upheld by labour unions and trade associations.


No Fake News

While the prevalence of inaccurate news for a better viewer list is an inconvenience that is bothering leaders and the public worldwide, it is interesting to note that the state of Oklahoma makes it completely illegal for journalists, publishers and news anchors to promote lies on a media platform. Seems like Oklahoma has been taking actions against fake news for a very long time.

The laws prevalent in the state of Oklahoma are multiple and elaborate in nature and due to that very nature, some laws of the state make little sense to a commoners eyes, however, as we have read today, it is safe to say that some of these laws had actual basis when they were implemented and some of these laws simply take the form of the puritanical morality that was followed in the days of the implementation.




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