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What entrepreneurs can learn from Giuliano Gigliotti

In the world of big business, it often takes a lot of time for things to happen.

New products and services are the results of months and years of work. Mergers and acquisitions take months to hammer out. Doing business, at that level, is much like steering a large ship; courses are set carefully because it takes ages to change them.

With entrepreneurship, however, that isn’t the case. An entrepreneur can not only afford to be nimble and quick on their feet, but it’s almost a requirement. When it comes to explaining why, Giuliano Gigliotti’s career is a great case study.

The initial move

Some places will provide people with more access to opportunities than others. This is true even in today’s world, when people have a wealth of knowledge and endless communication tools at their fingertips. But for some things, being in the right place is still a requirement.

Giuliano, a marketing whiz, social media star and founder of GN Co., LLC, is a natural networker, which serves him very well. However, the networking and business opportunities in his native Ohio, the United States of America, were limited. So what did Giuliano do? He packed his bags and went to Los Angeles, a place that afforded him many more opportunities.

He didn’t hesitate, either; the move happened after he finished high school. This type of nimbleness that showed him that he can, indeed, uproot his life and move might be just the thing that’s letting his networking take him beyond the borders of the United States.

The business ventures

Being stuck in a single venture might work out well for some people. They might be happy with the slow and steady benefits that come, one drop at a time, from a low-risk, low-reward business. That kind of reasoning is perfectly fine for risk-averse people.

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Whether Giuliano is more prone to taking risks than the average person is up for debate, but one thing’s for sure: he’s not one to be stuck in one business. During his career, he managed to help several businesses grow to great success.

When it started bothering him that he got no public recognition for the effort he was putting in, he embarked on a new venture of promotional entrepreneurship. He saw that the course he was on wasn’t serving him well, so he corrected it. It’s as simple as that.

The collaborations

Thanks to social media and the devices people use to consume it and create content for it, it’s easier than ever to become a one-person venture.

It is, after all, what gave rise to the phenomenon known as the influencer. Being a savvy user of social media, Giuliano is well aware of all the benefits that come with it, as well as the tech that enables it.

On the other hand, he also knows there are some things he can’t do on his own. That’s where teamwork and collaboration come in, but not in the traditional sense. Here, again, Giuliano puts his unique spin on it.

As a businessperson, he is much more prone to creating teams when the situation calls for the combined skills of several people. Even then, he likes to keep the team small, and he’s rigorous when it comes to ensuring everyone’s on the same page regarding the mission and the quality of work.

Thanks to this ability and willingness to venture into new markets and adapt his approach, Giuliano’s been able to position himself to achieve maximum efficiency and pounce on a new opportunity whenever it presents itself. That’s what nimbleness is all about, and it can benefit many entrepreneurs who are not so quick to make a move.

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