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Meet Evelyn Aylor, entrepreneur simplifying baby-care for mothers

Evelyn Aylor is the founder of Pritty Little Packages, an online firm that teaches mothers useful hacks and tricks on baby care drawn from decades of experiences.

Aylor has successfully helped mothers by tapping into the creative minds of kids with different hacks such as; fear hack, travel hacks (all modes of transportation), thumb sucking hack, holiday hack, how to deal with toddlers, safety hack, security hack, how to avoid being an angry mum hack and so much more.

Her company has also successfully taught good family values and bonding because she believes that family is the number one foundation for making either a good society or a bad society.

“We target families and make sure children experience love and structures that would make them powerful in the future, thereby raising powerful people to create a powerful nation,” Aylor says

Aylor has a BSc in Information Technology from Salem University, Lokoja. She is also an American trained flight dispatcher from Sheffield School of Aeronautics, Florida, USA.

“I have always wanted to work in the aviation sector with NCAA (Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority) and after several attempts of applying to work with NCAA, I decided to turn to my love for kids,” She says.

Apart from teaching mothers, she also sells creative and imaginative toys and gadgets that help keeps children excited and engaged.

“I have always had a passion for child care and kids’ growth process where young parents receive constructive strategies or hacks to solving the mystery around toddlers and kids care,” She said.

Aylor who started her business in 2018 with $500 was inspired through her love for caring for other people’s kids. “I fell in love with babies, discovered some amazing hacks and tricks which I taught their mums, and I quickly became the Little Baby Expert,” She says.

Her products are usually sourced 50 percent locally and 5o percent from America, Europe, Asia. Like every other business operating in Nigeria, she is faced with funding, high exchange rates, false identities online, and logistics limitation.

“2020 started as a wonderful year until the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world and really affected my business adversely,” Aylor complained.

She believes that, if the government can have accessible platforms where SME’s like hers can access funds to boost their businesses, it will go a long way.

“This pandemic has affected a lot of businesses to the point they are closing down and the truth is, the economy needs more SMEs, if the government doesn’t give them opportunities to survive, the economy won’t grow. Also, the government needs to improve the exchange rate. So many businesses are struggling because of this,” She suggested.

Aylor continues to take courses to improve her knowledge about her business and still looks for avenues to raise funds to boost her business and expand her customer base.

“In the next 5 years, Pritty little packages would have unveiled a lot of products and services that will make it number one hub for child care and services,” She says.

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