Kay Obi: From finance executive to serial entrepreneur

If there’s one person who has found success in the investment space, it is Kay Obi.

Although he has had his fair share of setbacks for over a decade, he believes, having the right knowledge is the number one key to avoiding pitfalls and succeeding as an investor.

Obi who possesses an entrepreneurial spirit runs three businesses which are in the consultancy, recruitment, and publishing sectors. Today, he is an avid investor and financial advisor for over 15 years.

Given his background, Obi, who is a UK-born Nigerian spent his early formative years in Lagos and moved back to the UK at 17 where he obtained a degree in Accounting and Finance.

He is a Chartered Accountant and a fellow of ACCA who has had a stint in various FTSE100 companies from Match .com to WPP, leading their finance function. Much later, he went on to set up his businesses.

One thing that cannot be taken away from Obi is his passion for educating people about investments and helping them identify opportunities that can transform their lives.

“I have always believed that it’s a terrible risk to stay on one source of income. So, I would always advise that you pick up investment as an alternative source of income if you are wise,” he noted.

The advisor, who is now an author of a book titled ‘Mind your Business: 10 Investments that will Make you Richer,’ shares thought on the inspiration that birthed the book.

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“As a father of three young lovely daughters, I was initially enthused on teaching them practical investments that would transform their lives financially. However, this desire led to giving investment talks across the UK on various platforms from schools to major companies among others.

“I was fairly surprised by how little information about the investment that most people were privy to, hence, I decided to embark on the project of writing this narrative investment book for a global audience, on key lessons from his experience,” he said.

He explained that the book directly addresses a shift in mindset and uncovers investments that’ll unlock a richer lifestyle.

“This narrative investment book will teach you among other things, how to identify the traits that wealthy people possess, the class of investments to focus on, the actions to take to forge great financial returns.

“Mind your business: 10 investments that will make you richer”, is a UK best-selling book and is available on Amazon. This is a must-read book for anyone keen to transform their lives financially and dreams of financial freedom.” He noted.

Sharing his thought on Nigerian investment terrain, Obi disclosed that these are intriguing times for Nigeria from an investment perspective as various sectors are emerging and set to thrive tremendously in the next 3 to 5 years.

According to him, the technology sector with a special focus on Fintech and Edtech are areas set to experience further growth.

“Real estate and the Agricultural sectors are also a great mid to long term strategy too, and with Nigeria tipped by respected global analysts as potentially one of top 20 counties which will experience exponential financial growth, the country with its young and entrepreneurial population is a great hedge for investors looking for favourable returns.”

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