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Ifeoma Eze: Entrepreneur with passion for cooking

Ifeoma Eze

Ifeoma Precious Eze is one of the millions of youths who have decided not to be lazy. She is a young and vibrant entrepreneur that is in the business of catering and is passionate about cooking delicious dishes. She obtained her National Diploma from Yaba College of Technology and is now a 300-level student of the National Open University, studying Mass Communications.

She was under the tutelage of   Real Sumptuous Catering Services in Lagos. Today, she has her own catering firm known as Ifyshines Catering Services.

The young entrepreneur was inspired to go into this business because she loved eating and cooking healthy meals, and also had the passion to empower youths like her who had passion for cooking.

Ifeoma started this business with as little as N20,000, which she saved from rendering assistance to friends and a former boss.

The passionate caterer says her business has grown more than it started, from the regular house parties and house warming to big events such as weddings and big social gatherings. She looks forward to improving her brand so as to get more clients.

Ifeoma is helped by friends and family members who are less busy, although the caterer plans to employ more hands within the year so as to help reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

She sources her food items and materials from Mile 12 Market in Lagos and other local markets.

Ifeoma speaks on the challenges she faces in her business. “The challenge confronting me now is that I don’t have most of the important catering equipment yet. I also face financial challenges too. I know if I had enough capital to expand this business, I would become a caterer to reckon with today, but all hope is not lost yet.”

She urges the government to support entrepreneurs by setting up skills acquisition centres and then giving out tangible start-up funds to help boost businesses.

The entrepreneur says people should buy her products because she prepares healthy meals.

The young entrepreneur carries out her business in a clean and serene environment.

For her, ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ means ‘clean kitchen begets good health’.

On her business expansion plans, she is looking forward to establishing a catering school where she can enrol students and unemployed youths who have passion for cooking. She also wants to have restaurants in different locations.

She advises youths who are unemployed and have a dream to never give up on what they believe in and whatever their dreams might be that is not illegal. “Never give up on your dreams and vision. In as much it is legal, stay focused; don’t embrace negative-minded persons around you. Stay positive and creative with your skills, be committed, and don’t be discouraged.”


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