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How Saiminu switched from yam sales to vegetables and fruit


Name: Saiminu Yusuf

Age: 40 years

Occupation: Fruits and vegetable seller

State: Kano

Dependants: one wife and three children

Meet Saiminu Yusuf who is a fruit and vegetable seller in Ikeja.

Every afternoon he uses a wheelbarrow to move his goods around an estate in Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja. Saiminu who hails from Kano state came to Lagos to search for money so he can cater for his family.

“I came to hustle in Lagos. I was selling yam before I changed to selling vegetable fruits like carrots, pepper, cucumbers, tomatoes and apples. At least business has been moving. I wish it could sell more but we just have to thank God for everything,” he told our reporter.

Though the business has been going well for him, Saiminu still experiences some challenges.

“I am alright with this business but I would like to expand the vegetable business such as buying more apples, lettuces and cabbage for resale. I equally need an umbrella stand because most times I sit under the sun all day. I come here around 3:30pm – 4pm and leave around 7:30pm,” he said.

Saiminu said he ventured into the business when his friend told him that no one was selling vegetable and fruits in the area. He eventually ventured into it when he sensed the great opportunity of the offer.

When inquired where he got capital to start the business, he said the money he realized from selling yams was what he used to set up the business.

Saiminu gets his merchandise from Ijora and Mile 12 of Lagos state and thereafter resell them to his customers at Ikeja.


Bunmi Bailey

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