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Farinu’s ideas on future of digitisation, automation in Nigeria

The trajectory of the global digital economy makes the drive to achieve full digitisation and automation in the country more imperative. A fintech expert and entrepreneur with about 19 years of experience in IT business management and consulting, said Nigeria is crawling on automation and digitisation, while the world has moved on to exploring more ways to use artificial intelligence (AI).

Ayotunde Farinu, CEO of Swifta Systems and Services Limited, makes conscious efforts with his team members to ensure expert and professional delivery of tech solutions that gravitates towards the expansion of the digital space.

Farinu and staff members at a product development brainstorming session.

Farinu believes that remarkable progress has been made in the world of technology globally. He admits that Nigeria has made some progress and worthy of mention is the fact that many sectors now largely dependent on technology—including the creative industry—for a wider reach and even profitability.

The creative industry keeps creating content on daily basis and interestingly, according to the IT professional, these contents are being patronised globally, which shows that Nigeria is making some progress.
He, however, stated that there is still so much work to do indigenously to achieve full digitisation and automation.

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His position is that Nigeria is still scratching the surface in terms of automation and digitisation because a lot of activities are still being done manually, including voting and counting of votes during elections.
Farinu, therefore, recommends the expansion of internet access to data or internet connectivity as a one of the ways to actualise full digitisation and automation.

In addition, he suggests that both the government and the private sector have to invest in internet infrastructure. This is because he thinks more people need to have access to quality data or internet connectivity and the government has to be deliberate about it to begin full digitisation.

An empty office showing the impact of the pandemic as staff had to work from home.

“Apart from all these,” he adds, “I think that both government and the private sector will need to massively invest in education, both at primary and secondary levels.”

Swifta Systems and Services Limited is a professional services company focused on technology products and service delivery. Swifta is also an African company with a deep commitment to the future of African technology and the growth of African enterprises.

As a technology company, it automates its clients’ processes to ensure that a lot of manual operations are discontinued which is a core part of the company’s offering.
Since it was established, the tech company has been doing its best to develop Nigeria’s tech space in view of digitisation and automation.

Farinu playing tennis. As a sports lover, tennis helps him stay refreshed.

Even when Covid-19 hit and disrupted operations of organisations, Swifta, instead of shutting down completely like most organisations did, rather became more innovative.
Farinu said the pandemic changed the way they worked completely, and also the way they served their customers. It was a period for the company to build new solutions, he said, even as staff members worked from home.
“For instance,” he said “we had to push out products that actually solved some of the problems and limitations created by the pandemic.”

With more entrepreneurs going into fintech thereby opening up a lot opportunities for Nigerians, there is no gainsaying that Nigeria’s tech space has become even more competitive as companies are seeking ways to be technologically ahead.
To survive in the digital space, he reiterated the importance of sustaining a healthy customers’ relationship, noting that it is important to do everything possible to make customers happy and also build your business around people and process.

For Farinu, partnership also does the magic. According to him, in today’s business world, the quality of partnership and collaboration you have as an organisation is very important to your success.
“I take that very seriously,” he said.

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