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Digital Conversation set to train 1m entrepreneurs in Africa

The Digital Conversation, an online platform that enables operators of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) to leverage innovative solutions to scale their businesses, has launched a new initiative to train over one million African youths.

As part of the new initiative, Samson Olatunde, founder, Digital CEO Tribe is expected to tour some Africa countries through 2020 till 2023 in its drive to onboard them.

Speaking to journalists on the organisations 2023 agenda to ‘Empower One Million African youths’ the founder, Olatunde, said the new initiative is part of efforts to help empower businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa and enable them to leverage 21st century’s digital tools.

He stressed that the agenda to equip Africans digitally is premise on the need to leverage the current pandemic outbreak fallout to reposition the continent’s teaming innovators in line with Frontiers Emerging Markets (FEM) across all sectors.

“It is aimed at entrepreneurs, CEOs, SMEs, startups, and marketing professionals who want to develop their digital skills. Professionals who want to develop and enhance their businesses and services using digital tools.”

Explaining the new strategies towards achieving this enormous task, the young coach disclosed that his organisation has been streamlined into Digital CEO Africa Summit, Digital Conversation, and the Digital Profit Master class.

“The goal to empower young people is fair and sustainable in the future. Digital CEO Tribe is the brilliant initiative of founders and our team. Digital CEO Tribe is Africa’s largest community of digitally savvy professionals. Despite the slow digital revolution in the country, the team is relentless in its quest,” he says.

“Digital CEO Tribe has various initiatives; one of it is Digital CEO Africa Summit which is helping individuals and organisations across Africa to be relevant,” he further said.

“For the last five years, the summit is touring Africa countries and exposing youths to a world of opportunities using digital tools,” he added.

The summit which in its previous edition, has been hosted in 15 Nigerian universities, and a university in Ghana, and Burkina Faso respectively and has empowered over 200,000 youths since its start.

According to the founder, as challenges in the continent’s labor markets keep growing, the organisations Digital CEO Africa Summit is increasing its quest to reduce skill gaps among youth, as it continues to recognize the challenges faced by unemployed youths while providing them the opportunity to collaborate and transform themselves into digital influencers.

Since its start, the Digital Conversation has hosted key industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs. The event promotes promising entrepreneurs and showcases their achievements.

It has also provided more than 3,000 attendees the opportunity to be creative and build a network to share ideas and opportunities.

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