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COVID-19 has created new opportunities for marketing industry – Ojeikhoa

Otis Ojeikhoa, founder and chief executive officer of Brands Optimal, a leading experiential marketing agency in Nigeria, says the Covid-19 pandemic has open vistas of opportunities for businesses as they rise to the challenge created by the virus outbreak.

In an interview monitored on a national television station, Ojeikhoa states that even with the pandemic and Nigeria’s fragile growth, the marketing communications industry is still evolving, even though the evolution might have been slow, cautioning that the new normal which COVID-19 has thrown up would remain even after things have normalized.

“The industry has still been evolving and new opportunities are being thrown up; and although the rate of evolution may be pretty slow, the new normal will remain somehow, even after things have returned to normal,” he says.

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“The pandemic has created new vistas or new opportunities to drive standard engagement. The new opportunity that this has created is that we (in experiential marketing) can actually have virtual sampling and other events and still get feedback; though the experience may not be the same,” he further says.

To him, advertising, which has always relied more on the traditional media, was able to explore and enjoy good patronage during the lock-down as more people stayed at home, making the new normal serve as a window of opportunity for advertising.

Ojeikhoa therefore challenged advertising agencies to quickly move all their operations to digital platforms and get relevant apps to drive engagement for data collection, sampling and sales.

This, he says, will enable automation, so that at the press of a button, they (agencies) can see their performances by a form of consideration or analysis.

“Agencies must explore digitization in full force in their quest to deliver a first-class digital customer experience,” he notes.

He urges them to leverage on the advantages which the world of digital has provided to enhance their business activities.

According to him, agencies need to tap into the learnings and opportunities that have emerged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He calls on agencies that are yet to tap into these opportunities to start doing so as a matter of urgency.

He discloses that he and his team did exactly that at the peak of the lock-down, last year, to generate more revenue.

Ojeikhoa maintains that online will continue rising to a point where there will be no offline, as everything will be online.

The brands optimal helmsman assures his teeming clientele that his agency would continue to evolve and assume new postures, new structures, targets and new opportunities on a day-to-day basis.

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