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  • Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Remedial Health unveils new app to aid Africa’s healthcare operations

Remedial Health, an e-commerce and fintech startup in Africa, has unveiled an updated version of its customer-facing app which is designed to function as an operating system for neighbourhood pharmacies and Proprietary Patent Medicine Vendors (PPMVs) across the continent.

The firm stated that the updated version of the Remedial Health app which is starting in Nigeria will enable healthcare businesses to access vetted medicines and manage their sales and inventory on one easy-to-use platform, freeing up time and capacity to serve their customers and communities effectively.

“Neighborhood pharmacies and PPMVs represent the frontline of healthcare delivery in Africa but they have historically been left to their own devices to figure out how to be efficient and profitable,” Samuel Okwuada, CEO, and co-founder of Remedial Health.

“Our mission is to empower these essential service providers with the tools they need to manage day-to-day operations and seamlessly run their practices effectively.

“We spent a lot of time interacting with our customers in the process of delivering this product and the feedback has been great. We are excited by the opportunity to get the app into the hands of pharmacies and PPMVs across the country to support their ongoing success, as well as the health and wellbeing of the nation,” he said.

Remedial Health said in a statement that the new app comes with a digital POS terminal to support payment collection, virtual business accounts to receive payments, an in-built barcode scanner feature for recording product sales, and store-switch functionality to enable the seamless management of multiple stores, as well as inventory management solutions for restocking and easily identifying short-dated products.

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