• Friday, July 12, 2024
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ChamsAccess unveils technology to promote safety in schools

… Onboards Corona School

In a bid to ensure the safety of children across schools, ChamsAccess Ltd, one of Nigeria’s foremost technology companies in Nigeria has unveiled a new technology solution designed to promote safety in schools.

The solution, called SecureKid, is an innovative solution that redefines child safety through cutting-edge technology to help keep students safe in schools.

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According to ChamsAccess, this solution is poised to revolutionise the education sector, offering a comprehensive platform for monitoring children’s school drop-off and pick-up times, guaranteeing their safety like never before.

“As a working parent, I can empathise with the concerns parents have regarding their children’s safety during school commutes. The SecureKid solution was meticulously designed to alleviate this concern and provide parents with one less thing to worry about,” Gbenga Osinoiki, the division head of emerging markets and new sectors at ChamsAccess Ltd said.

Further findings showed the SecureKid solutions empower parents to closely monitor and manage their child’s daily school commute, from the moment they step onto the school bus or school premises to their secure return home.

The SecureKid platform also leverages real-time GPS tracking and secure communication channels, enabling parents to receive instantaneous notifications when their child arrives at and departs from the school premises.

This feature provides parents with the assurance that their child’s schedule is on track. In case of emergencies or any need for communication, parents can directly engage with the school through the SecureKid platform.

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BusinessDay findings showed Corona Schools, a respected institution in Nigeria, has already embraced this transformative technology, a testament to the school’s commitment to enhancing the safety and well-being of its students.

ChamsAccess, renowned for its unwavering commitment to technological excellence, is pioneering the enhancement of child safety within Nigeria’s education sector. SecureKid not only benefits parents but also school administrators and transportation providers by streamlining operations and enhancing accountability.

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