• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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NCAA to sanction airline owners, operators for flying into prohibited areas

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has said it would sanction airline owners and operators for flying into restricted areas in the country.

In a letter to operators and owners by the authority titled, ‘Warning to All Operators Against Flying Into Restricted and Prohibited Areas,’ the authority stated that in receipt of a letter from the office of the national security adviser, reporting a sighting of an unknown aircraft flying over the presidential villa.

“The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority wishes to refer to Part of Nig.CARs which states that ‘No person must operate an aircraft in a prohibited area or in a restricted area, the particulars of which have been duly published, except in accordance to the condition of the restriction or by permission of the State over whose territory the areas are established.”

The letter reads that such violations shall be liable to sanction, persecution or both by the authority.

The authority further stated that the intruding aircraft may risk being met with dire consequences.

The authority in the letter stated that all aircraft owners and operators should advise their crew to obtain thorough weather before the flight and adhere strictly to air traffic control instructions to avoid flying into restricted or prohibited areas.

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