• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Nigeria’s visa issuance is based on reciprocity – NIS

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has stated that the issuance of Nigerian visas is based on reciprocity.

Kenneth Udo, public relations officer, NIS, during a phone interview, told BusinessDay that Nigeria reciprocates any visa policy put forward by each country.

Udo assured that Nigeria has the most liberal visa systems because it tried to encourage foreign direct investments, and therefore makes the visa system as liberal as possible.

“For instance, when you apply for United States’ visas, you are given five years. We also give US citizens five years. We give visas on arrival to US and UK citizens, yet they don’t give us visas on arrival.

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“Our visa on arrival is simple. All you just need to do is to fill the application forms and upload the necessary documents. On the other hand, to get Canadian visas and US visas, you will not only fill the needed documents, but also book appointments and do biometrics before visas are issued,” he said.

He stressed that the reason people say that Nigerian visas are difficult to access is that they think everything should be waived because it is Nigeria. He noted that many people do not apply for visas in good time.

“Because it is Nigeria, people feel we should give visas to everybody. There is a time stipulated for submission of applications and processing of the visas.”

Udo said all visas on arrival are available to citizens of all countries except Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) nationals who do not require visas to visit Nigeria and other countries which Nigeria has entered into visa abolition agreements with.

He said all applicants need to do is to visit the NIS portal, select ‘apply for visa on arrival,’ complete application and make payments.

He also hinted that e-visas will soon be launched to further simplify the visa process.

Kemi Nandap, comptroller general of the NIS, recently announced plans to inaugurate a more accessible e-visa application channel for short visits in line with the Nigeria Visa Policy 2020.

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The CG said the new channel was designed to streamline visa processes, foster foreign direct investments (FDIs) and boost tourism.

She said, “We must embrace these reforms and implement effective internal control and monitoring mechanisms.

“This is to track the presence and activities of all foreigners in Nigeria.”

The CG reiterated her commitment towards the full implementation of the e-Border Project.

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