• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Virgin Atlantic fires female pilot for secretly flying for another carrier

Virgin Atlantic has fired a female pilot First Officer Danica Theuma who found a way to work for two airlines at once, without the other airline knowing about it.

Specifically, the pilot reportedly worked for both KM Malta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic at the same time (with the former being Malta’s new state-owned airline, replacing Air Malta).

Aviationbrk reports that Theuma was using her obligatory rest periods for travelling to London and flying Virgin Atlantic planes out of Heathrow airport, her colleagues have said.

The pilot reportedly broke international safety rules that impose strict regulatory constraints regarding duty times and rest periods to ensure passenger and crew safety.

Meanwhile KM Malta Airlines initially suspended her, only to reinstate her a short while later, so she’s still flying at the airline. Many pilots at KM Malta Airlines are reportedly furious why she hasn’t been terminated, given her clear violation of safety guidelines

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