• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Nigeria needs collaboration to drive sustainable food production – Edokpolo

By Tomisin Fatoba

Okiemute Edokpolo, a highly respected sustainability expert, recently emphasized the importance of collaboration in achieving sustainability within the food industry.

In a statement she spoke about the urgent need for collective action to tackle pressing environmental and social challenges.

She noted that collaboration is key to promoting sustainability in the food industry because it allows stakeholders to combine their resources and expertise to implement holistic solutions that effectively address sustainability challenges.

Edokpolo also stressed the benefits of collaboration, pointing out that it enables stakeholders to leverage their diverse perspectives and knowledge to develop comprehensive strategies that promote environmental management and social responsibility.

She believes that collaborative efforts can also incentivize sustainable practices within the food industry and advocated for supportive policies and incentives to enforce proactive measures that drive positive change.

In addition to policy support, Edokpolo highlighted the critical role of infrastructure investments in supporting sustainable practices.

She believes that investments in infrastructure for efficient waste management and transportation logistics are crucial for minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible resource utilization.

She also stressed the importance of training programs in enhancing the skills of farmers and food industry professionals in sustainable agricultural practices and food processing techniques.
Finally, Edokpolo underscored the relevance of public awareness campaigns in driving demand for sustainable products and practices.

She stated that public awareness campaigns play a vital role in creating more engaged customers and fostering a culture of sustainability across society.

“Together, we can create a more sustainable and thriving food system that nourishes everyone,” she affirmed.

Edokpolo’s unwavering dedication to sustainability and her invaluable contributions to fostering collaboration within the food industry underscore her status as a top-notch expert in environmental management.

With her visionary leadership and commitment to driving growth and sustainability, she is inspiring others to join hands in creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for generations to come.

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