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  • Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Here are 6 African countries with better internet coverage than Nigeria

Nigeria had an internet broadband penetration of 42.53 percent, as of January 2024, according to the Nigerian Communications Commission.

The country had 161.98 million internet subscriptions as of the time. According to Kepios, the country had over 103 million unique internet users at the time. The data insight firm revealed that the country’s median mobile internet connection speed was 26.48 megabyte per second (MBPS) with a median fixed internet connection speed of 19.15 MBPS.

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According to Datareportal, a couple of African countries have better internet coverage than Nigeria. Here is a list of countries with a higher internet broadband penetration than Nigeria:

South Africa

South Africa is home to about 60.69 million people with 69 percent living in urban areas and 31 percent in rural areas. According to data gathered from Datareportal, South Africa had 45.34 million internet users as of January 2024 and internet penetration stood at 74.7 percent.

An analysis by Kepios reveals that internet users in South Africa increased by 409,000 (+0.9 percent) between January 2023 and January 2024.

Data from GSMA Intelligence shows that there were 118.6 million cellular mobile connections in South Africa at the start of 2024.


Egypt’s internet penetration stands at 72.2 percent with over 82.01 million internet users. According to Datareportal, there are 110.5 million cellular mobile connections in Egypt.


Ghana has an internet penetration of 69.8 percent. There are 38.95 million cellular mobile network connections in the country.


Morocco’s internet penetration stands at 90.7 percent. There are 51.36 million cellular mobile connections in the country.

Median mobile internet connection speed in Morocco stands at 36.52 mbps via cellular networks and 26.43 mbps for fixed internet connection.

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Tunisia has an internet penetration of 79.6 percent. It has 9.96 million internet users. Of the number of internet users, 231,000 were added in the last year.

Data from Ookla reveals that the median mobile internet connection speed is 24.32 mbps and fixed internet connection speed at 9.16 Mbps.


The nation has an internet penetration of 72.9 percent with 33.49 million internet users. Also, there are 50.65 million cellular mobile connections. Internet in Algeria also works at 21.36 Mbps for mobile internet connection and 12.32 for fixed internet connection speed.


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